Sedimentary Love…

IMG_7359It’s the years of friendship that
Swept away before
Our first spontaneous hug
… the midnight sea
Our first kiss
…..unplanned and breathtaking
Our first attempts at making out
…..a discovery by two
Secondary Virgins☺️

It’s the years of mischievous nights
That tailed behind…..
Lying in my hall….
Sharing one breath and fidgeting
With all our favorite places….
Making glee of our attempts at Chastity….☺️

It’s your absolute determination
To make me your only confidant
And friend….
Your muse and hobby…..
Your morning and noon…..
In spite of jobs that leave us too weary
For evening conversations….
And lectures
That take the rest of the days
We could
Have shared together……..

It’s the few numbered Great- Fights that almost tore us apart….
The adrenaline rush and near- death nostalgia the events brought
To our hearts….
And the overwhelming joy
Of finding each other again….
When we thought it was all lost….

It’s the victories we chalked
The academic
The Financial
The Spiritual
…And Career breakthroughs Shared with cross- intertwined blood- drained fingers…
The pain and the joy that erupts in our souls! Oh our souls did weep and dance at each one of them!

It’s the many times your heart has forgiven and let it go of my wrongs
When I deserved it not
In your words…
“When the heart goes wrong…
You fix it…
You don’t throw it away
….I can’t throw away
My heart”….
Oh your forgiveness each time
Was breath to my suffocating soul!

Its the miracle of romance
That crept into our courtship…
The sudden feelings of endearment
That ceased both our hearts..
Making a man like you grow
Expressive and jelly….
Sweet and soft…………
Suddenly we were to each other
More precious than gold….
A life without the other was
Un thought of…….

How did it happen?….
It’s the years of sedimentary love
The years of knowing you and
Knowing me …..
Each debris did build this love
So strong………
Now the storms have come
Harder than ever….

My heart is desperate
I despair!
Our love has known too many
An huddles….
quinquennial in years
But having nothing to show
Of our toil…..
I despair but I seem to love you
More each day….
We seem to crave each other
Stronger each day
How is it that our despair does not
Equal Surrender!
How is that I loose faith each day
But still hold Faith
How is it that the sediments that
Formed our love have yet to
Fragment with the storms that
Erode against us each year
How is it that we’re still here!


My Equilibrium

My heart has found its feet again
Gravity’s pull has overridden
The temporal abnormality of
My heart’s dispensation
I am back to equilibrium!

I’ve never walked the
Territory of
‘All things not been equal’
I’ve never known the
Absence of your love
The fear of a life without you
The terror of saying goodbye

But now my eyes have seen it
My heart has been gripped by
Its terror and now I know
You are my equilibrium!

I will love you with all
My heart
As long as life gives me
The chance
And I will build our love with
My hands and heart
And never take it for granted

And bless God each day
For the opportunity to have
You by me
And if we face yet another mountain
I will brace it with the resolve
To hold on to the hem of
Your trouser no matter what

And I will never give in to
The option of a life without you
For we are one
And stronger together
Life without you is icy ❄️
Never let me go my love


Painful Love

My heart’s Vulnerability

This feeling is old and familiar
I think I remember it
It’s sweet and bitter
I’m trying to place my hand on it
I remember now
It’s the feeling of missing you
With a pang of vulnerability

I actually thought I had lost it
Because it had been gone AWOL
And I had been strong and weird
For days now
Days and weeks
Without missing you
Without as much as an
Eyebrow raised or a last minute-
Thought of you before sleep
Takes over
It was so normal and weird
I was always good to go

And no day found me
Breaking down….or pausing
To mourn your conspicuous Absence
Till this moment when I saw
Your first caring thought
In the form of a watsapp
The first words from you…
That was so close to home
So close to familiarity
The beautiful
Days of our relationship

Out of no where
It sprang up
And I thought I had lost it

I guess maybe it’s
My mind’s healthy way
Of living and surviving

And the only question left
Is whether I wanna give in to
This vulnerability
Bitter- sweet
…sweet because it’s
Youthful and heady
…bitter because
I’m left hurting…when you don’t
Love me the way I desire
And I’m still staring at the phone
Natasha- City

Painful Love

Flame 🔥 up my Passion

Sometimes I want to model into
Our bedroom with eroticism and eyes that say
I wanna drink you in tonight
But then I see your distant face
And let go of my naughty thoughts
When previously I wouldn’t

Maybe it’s a phase of relationship..
We’re less drunk with love
More sleepy or bored with familiarity

But babe
I’ve tasted novelty before
In the arms of another
And I did but did not like it
For I found that the large
Percentage of the world is willing
To offer to a desiring soul wild romance
And adventure
But one out of a million will offer
You a love that’s true and faithful
To the very end
I came to find that
You’re one in a million

If it’s a phase I will allow it
And learn the wisdom it
Brings with it
And when observation and
Hypothesis- testing is done
I’ll gather my wits and
Lit up the flame 🔥 of passion
You have buried under all the
Mundane and remind you
That you married me for a reason…………….
Natasha- City.

Daddy God

Goodnight once again 

I cant believe I got comfortable
With going to bed without even
Saying goodnight 

I spontaneously did so today
And in between the words
Memories swept in
And heady nostalgia brought back
The beauty of sharing a day’s events
With you…
Where I went wrong…
….Didn’t  listen to your prompting
       What I enjoyed the most
 and what I didn’t understand
About life…..

I forgot how uplifted my soul
Feels when you whisper back
To me and leave me with sweet words
Even as I close my eyes

But now to text my boyfriend goodnight
Is rather the must-do
When the eyes and body are
Too tired for an evening conversation

But I was yours before i was his
And you loved me before I loved
You and you chose him
For crying out loud!

Oh man…woman…..
How foolish can thou be
Forgive me Lord
And grace me to straighten my
Path once again

You are sweet
And beautiful Holy Spirit
And you always leave me mystified
Touch me with your hands
Once Again….
And read one last poem to me
Before you leave
Or rather
Before i close my human- eyes
And think you’re gone. 

Goodnight once again
My first love.


Help me put love first 

I know I vowed to make Physical
My love for you
Every day
But in these trying days
Of work and books and dishes and
Dirty laundry
The promises of our youthful love
Seems so distant
And I’m now a woman with tired bones
The body has limits and the mind
My heart desperately needs help
To remember my passion

The passion of our youthful days
And first nights together
When the smell of your body
Meant the world to me
And my touch always took you to
Places anew

You are stronger than me
I admit
Able to keep enthusiastic even in
Heavy days
School never weighs you down
Work seems to bring out the best in you
And the  children are your constant joy

But am the opposite
And I would forget I ever had a
Crazy bone
And a wild mind
If you don’t help my heart a bit
And let me know
It’s okay to leave the dishes undone
As long as we aren’t putting love last

So kiss me before you put the
Groceries down
And love me before dinner
Let me find a love note in my pocket
At work
And my heart will remember
Love has to come first no matter what
Then somehow I’ll find the strength
To love your before anything else



Even as we plan and work
Towards settling
Even as we await grace’s one
Act of miracle
That will go beyond what our
Strengths can do and catapult
Us to the place where I’ll find myself
Vowing to love and submit to you

This journey with you
Called courting
Is doing things to me that
Marvels my mind and amazes
My heart
Emotionally pruning and fine tuning
The thoughts of my heart
And the actions of one who
Claims she’s in love….
It’s taking away my personal space
And grafting your soul to mine
Zapping out every breath of selfishness
Left in this feminine soul
Introducing me to principles
I’d have to marry
A chance to try them on like
New heels and practice walking
In them till I can flair like a model

Its giving me a peek
Into a life that demands strength of
Character and
The courage to submit and put away
That part of me that knows not
How to be gentle
And the grace to care for a masculine
Heart and little hands 

And so when with class and glorious
Beauty I finally stand before the altar
To say I do
It will be with a mind and resolute
Heart that’s knows very well
What it means to sow my future
To the hem of your trouser.

Natasha- City
Jan 17

Naughty Love

Kiss me already


It’s rainy and cold

The air is heavy with longings

Of warm bedsheets and you


My imagination has your face

Warm in between my two palms

And your slow breath

Against mine

Sending trickles

Down my body

Spreading goosebumps in it’s path

And pre-preparing my feminine body

For the wonders your man can do to me.

Kiss me already!

But before that

Lemmie hug you long and warm

Lemmie hold you…

Inhale your exhale

Let us cuddle and stay in eternity

For a brief moment

You’re all I want.

                     Nov 2015


Beautiful Love*

Love Is


– your first poem to me

– the pride with which you introduce me as your woman

– the rebukes and corrections you give in love

– you telling me I’m the only family you have

– you grooming me into a woman of greater virtue and class

– the sweet messages I wake up to

– the intensity in your eyes when you say I love you

Love is you.



                              Natasha H- City

Try listing out the things you love about him or her………….
Did it require so much effort and pondering? If they don’t get to ten should you feel bad?… it a bad sign?


Beautiful Love*

Evolving Love


Through acts of love, rebukes

And huddles overcome

You can actually hold still

And hear us evolving

I did not love you like I do now

If you rewind a month away

I did not trust you like I do now

If you fast-back October

I did not believe in us like I do now

If you replay a season before

I never knew I would come to fall so

Desparately in love with you

And I wonder if papa knows the

Date for our wedding even before

We set it

And knows we need to go through

All this growth, and pain and beauty

Before our hearts and souls say I do

And knows the aftermath Experiences of our marriage that

A part of me dreads and a part of me

Looks forward to

That every day brings you closer

To knowing every one of my demons

And how I bruise and scar and cry

Ever too frequently

And how I forget things ever too easily

Scares me

Yet I can only but stare

And hope our love will survive it

And our strength will indeed

Build for us

A family with a heritage

That will resonate for years of posterity.


                             Natasha- City

Relationships that survive the process of two strangers exposing their flaws to each other…misunderstandings caused by human nature and the huddles life itself throws at man is a sight to behold.

And in this century…for it to survive marriage and build a heritage is another miracle.

From hindsight it’s beautiful to watch the process of evolution……..indeed it’s interestingly beautiful.