Beautiful Love*

On this day I Vow…..


I remember….

The first time I saw you

All you have always been

To which I’ve been blind to

That father saw….but I couldn’t see

A man of wisdom

A man with a soft heart

You wear perseverance

Like a tailor’s suit…..

You’re the emblem of patience

How sweet it is to know….

That I am with someone who came For me even when

He couldn’t yet see beauty….

But saw only my future….

Someone who will still find me Beautiful with stretch marks even as we age

The spirit that you bring

Refused to be quenched by my

Silly self and Childish attitudes

Staring at your soul…and beautiful


That gives its all and calls me

Family; though i’m not blood.

There is where I fell in love

I fell!

I’m consumed!

I’m overwhelmed!

Did you know that I’m

crazy- overwhelmed!

I vow in marriage

That at times I’ll fail you

I vow

That at times I will fall short

But in failures and shortcomings

I won’t tap out

I won’t give up

To you and only you

Today I commit

To you and only you

I submit

I’ve learnt that he loved me

Enough to give me you

Even when I couldn’t see you

So I’m willing to stay strong

To the very end.


                            Natasha- City

                           -Courtesy Janette Ikz

You inspire me Janette.

Painful Love

AND THE Silence reigns on………..

I have gone these days without you 

Because I dare my soul 
To be independent
I dare my body to be independent
I loathe to be addicted to
Another soul
To the point I can’t breathe
Without him

I will not
Will not succumb to the sweeping
Images of you
That still flood my mind
Ever too frequently
If I let my hands and brain go idle

I will not succumb to feeling
And being the one to end this

Yes a relationship is about sacrifice
Been a fool for love’s sake
But I will not
Because should you ever repeat
This act
I know I will have no option
Than to bury my heart in
Pain and endure

And that is why this is
My only one chance to let you
What you did was not okay
And is never acceptable on
Any day

And should you ever repeat it
Let your heart and mind
Be prepared for the wrath
Of your woman
Till then
Let the silence continue……
                                Natasha- City

I hate it when we’re not talking….and I know I’m being childish…and he is expecting and giving me more time and room to mature before his anger descends….and yet I’m as stubborn as Natasha…..coz if I’m right I will never say I’m wrong! I won’t!

When is it best to use Silent Treatment as a way of handling a problem in a relationship?

If you’ve tried it before you will know that the familiar hours of the day when you two chat or check up on each other will come…but they will come without him or her ….and that will make you sick. Then you find yourself struggling with either- handling the sick feeling and overcoming it or just ending the silence. Depending on how angry you are or how you feel about the situation; you will choose one of the two options.

Many a times I have found that silent treatment only tends to stretch on miscommunication and we only get to find out and iron things out when we finally talk. Yet somehow I’m addicted to using silent treatment when I get angry and I know I must stop!

I think silent treatment is only needed if you’re the short tempered type and are likely to say things before thinking- things you will regret but can’t take back- with this the silent treatment might help you.


Naughty Love

Virgin Night 



Hearts soaring on a thrill of a vacation
Never experienced
Uncertainties await two lovers
But in the face of uncertainties
There is no room for
Worry for
Freedom is bliss

Now at hindsight
I know not which is more beautiful

Our spooning nights
Your slow breath against my skin
Your hairy arms wrapped around
My tummy
Our legs entangled with the foreign
Feel of your naked
Masculine thighs on mine

The art of my feminine figure
In your masculine shirt
Tiptoeing about the room
To the revel of your hungry eyes

My soft heart did leap
When I beheld a man wrapped in
White Towel
Emerging from the bathroom
In hairy endowment as of a teen wolf

But my memory can
Never paint well nor do justice to
The glory of the moment
When I felt like a woman
In the arms of a strong black man

Oh he was black
And strong
And I had never known wetness
Till my legs shook with Prolonged- delayed
And my body begged your very entrance
Though my lips chose not to employ

And the escapes of my lips’ groans
Underestimated the experience of
You taking me!
Unbearable pleasure
Painful pleasure
Pain in pleasure
Was all my body did know
Till it was over
And you lay on me
Like a baby
It was the night of 5th July 2015

                             6th July 2015
                              Natasha- City

The first times’ of everything is always a moment to cherish forever for there is never going to be anything like the first time! The first kiss…the first touch…the first time his hand touched your cheeks….the first dance..the first time you walked hand in hand…………….the first night together!

Mum and dad will say it was on their wedding night but we all know that isn’t true 🙈☺️

Every emotion is heightened and there are butterflies in the tummy no matter how mature you act! Seeing her in a bathrobe is a thrill! Seeing him with a towel wrapped around his waist is a thrill! And when sweet oh night finally arrives and you feel his arms going around your tummy…hairy legs wrapping around your legs and his hardness pressed against your bum you will have to shut your eyes and suppress the youthful giggle and pray you get to still keep your virginity.☺️

But from the above……you know I wasn’t able to keep mine….😊🙈


Beautiful Love*

An Adventurous Night 


Lying in your arms

In the stillness of the night

Sharing one breath

As our noses crush against

Each other

-The most beautiful moment

I had ever experienced with you

That it could last forever-

As Enrique played music making

Love to our ears

Highlighting and capturing the moment

Wrapping my young heart in sweet

love and bliss

Listening to your intermittent


My thoughts run into the midnight air

Envisaging a life together…

Nights like these

If we would still spoon together

On marriage nights

When been in love

Has burned away

But who cares……….

That I have this moment is

All my beating heart can feel

That you are mine

Is the only thrill my mind can

Comprehend and handle now

And I hate that I have to spoil

The moment and

Wake you up

Before the cocks give their loudest


And mummy finds her girl

Lying in the arms of a man

In her own hall.



                                  Natasha- City


Naughty Love

Persona non grata

Intimacy was when my eyes
Glanced into yours and
You caught my thoughts before
I could grasp them back

Intimacy was when you
Caressed me back with your
Synchronizing thoughts and I didn’t Have to feel like a flirt

Intense became the surrounding Environment when my soul
Recognized your very kind
My very delight…
And as our intellect began to fondle
Over a mug of coffee
And your eyes undressed my
World view and beliefs
I found that I could ride on the
Waves of your gray matter for an eternity
And share caffeinated secrets with
Your lit eyes and attentive ears for
A decade

And if we allow
Our brains
To continually stroke each other
We will get to that familiar juncture…
Our hormones
Would want to also mingle

Coz I’m already staring at your
Hairy hands
And wondering if they are only
Good at tapping the table
And my mind is already placing
My arms around your neck
Waltzing to “all of me”.

So we have to end here
You’ve been a pleasant distraction
In my harmony of life plans
And I have a man to go back to.
To Herbert
     And all the guys I’ve ever been    
     Tempered to flirt with😊

There are people you come across in life that might have a look that might just seize your attention. There are those who might have the spirit that attracts you. There are those who have the brains that gets your mind wet and hungry for an infinite conversation.

All these at one point in time have crossed my path and left a trail of excitement and joy. But I had a focus and I had to move on and not succumb to the temptation to date. Some were easy to say good bye to; others…is a story to tell.

The latter  were the brain ones…the ones who’s thought processes get me wet and I never have enough of a conversation with them….who’s words were like flowing poetry- add to that a romantic heart and mature arms strong enough to make you feel like a woman! Damn! How do you resist that!

But still they remain a persona non grata coz you’ve got other plans for your life……and you just can’t include him…..Or her. And if any of these happen to come by when you’re already in a relationship- damn! That’s worse.

Have you ever felt that way?


Painful Love

When I say I love you…


When I say I love you
I mean
I can’t believe you are mine
With all the boundaries around you
I’m the woman who gets to have
Your heart

When I say I love you
I mean
You are wonderful
Your heart
Your strength
Your commitment
Your vision
They leave me in awe
And knowing I’m at the center
Of these makes me feel like
The luckiest woman on earth

But when i say I love him
I mean
With him I feel beautiful
In my skin
In my personality
In my being

With him
I smile effortlessly
I Loose all my phobias
And begin to soar

When I say I love him
I mean
His name makes me
And I don’t need a lube
His words overflow my heart
With living poetry
Poetry in abundance
And I’m forever aching to write
And live the next day

With him I REST
And yet take on larger responsibilities
I blossom and never feel weary
I laugh and I’m ready to
Try salsa dancing
I begin building my life
And not with weary eyes
But eyes filled with life and meaning

With him I’m vulnerable
And yet strong
Passionate and yet focused
Playful and yet mature
A girl and yet a woman
Sexy and yet demure
And life suddenly
Takes on a new form!

In this journey with you
I was armed for every huddle
We would face
But my heart never conceived
A huddle of this kind
And my neurons were never prepared
For pain they could not block
Oxytocin at it’s peak

I have taken the steps
My heart promised you
A time before today

To keep and cherish your heart
Was my promise to you
And I swear I would never break it

And I can only but pray
That time will do it’s job
And heal this
Terrible Ache and throbbing desire
That threatens to make life
Bleak and loose essence
In my eyes
That threatens to explode and
Shed tears unending………
Tears for a man
I would never get to love
Tears for a man
Who resembled my Life’s Answer

Help me God
                                  Natasha- City

Maybe if your lover had all these other abilities he/she seems to lack…then the relationship would be Perfect! Yes you love him or her just the way he is….she is……but

If only he could be more supportive….put more effort in looking good… more romantic and spontaneous…..more in tune with how you feel. Damn! Then the relationship will be just perfect!
But we are all human- flawed beings…..and perfection will always be a stone’s throw away.

As long as it’s not a ‘gulf’ away but a stone’s throw away, there’s no need dumping him/her for the next person you’ve fallen for. You might be chasing an illusion you will regret a life too late.

Just some few silences left…..some last fading words…….then I’ll be able to forget about him…..and stay faithful to my partner.


Beautiful Love*



Life is

You and me beginning from scratch

Building with our hands

Your career and mine

In gloomy days…

With barely a light of hope

Till the sun rose over its bed

Then our eyes behold a new phase

Life is

You and me

Moving into a homely abode

Buying and managing

Warming virgin sheets

Budgeting our days and funds

As our love produces a little one

Life is

You and me

Nurturing dreams of sunshine

And laughter

Groomed kids in a mansion

Touching lives and making history

Till our stars are full of age

And our bodies have made love in

Every possible way.


                                Natasha- City

When you’re a child you dream of marrying a prince and going straight into a mansion on your wedding day….

…..Not a flat or an apartment.

But life is life. I still love you and I’m actually giddish and excited about building this mansion together with you………our kids would be so proud of us. And I’d be so proud of myself when I look back at what we built with our hands.