The Ex; by him

…After a cold argument


I can’t bear the deed of you,

Drifting out in the cold wind,

When little heat flare out from my


It prickles my heart,

And mind for you to dance away,

To a beat so near.

Forgive if I’ve hurt,

Pardon if I’ve left,

Traces of discord in the harmony of

Your plans


The Ex; by me



After two years of been around


You saw


And your heart told you

This was her

And you believed it

Against all odds

You had an image of me

Already painted on the billboard

Of your mind

The woman of your dreams

And you boldly walked into my life

Believing Cupid had your back

And I was fascinated

By this nerd who thought he

Had the key to my heart

And watched you begin

Begin to skirt around my heart

Searching for the lock

You walked around my hours

And days

You began to know me

For me

And I watched with keen eyes

And amusement as I saw you

Reconcile the me

With the woman in your dreams

For she wasn’t me

I was all contradictions

A sweet smile and a

Selfish heart

A naughty twisted mind preaching

God to you daily

A warm heart unwilling to do any


Indeed the woman in your dreams…

But with shocking flaws

But more shocking was

Your resolve to make me her

And so you bought me books

And mentored

You were my therapist

You were my chef

We walked to the market

And before I knew it

We were salsa dancing and cooking

I was writing and giving speeches

I was doing me but sharing

And then

I shared my heart with you

You did it

You pursued

And had me

The woman of your dreams




Daddy God



In the trenches of my personal


I fully know the gravity of my

Inherent Stupidity

And I’m prone to accept that I can

Never amount to nothing

Maybe of all your creation

You used the last mud in creating me

But it’s still your breath inside of me

The God- Head three in one

The life of God living in a woman


That makes me wow!

So no matter my degree of folly

Inherent stupidity and forgetfulness

I can overtake the world

And keep under my feet

All that try to make me fall

I shall soar over every challenge

And I shall not fear

Because in this world my eye

Will surely witness tribulations

But only with my eye will I see them

A thousand at my left

Ten thousand at my right

They shall not come by me

I am an overcomer!


Yaa Esaah

The Ex; by me

My EnigmašŸ’‹


How do I love thee

Let me count the ways

My Enigma

Why do I love thee

Let me think the reasons

My Enigma

Lay thy head upon my tender


For I know I have caused thee much


But pain and joy have always been our

Music’s rhythm

It’s the soul and style of ‘our love’

And that’s why you remain my Enigma

For I never can understand why I love

Thee so

In the dullest of our days have I wished

That you would disappear and leave…

Leave behind only, “thy soul sweeping


And oh, thy delicious tempting lips

Lest I forget, don’t take away thy

“Consistent words that empower me to be

The woman that I am”….

And leave me with thy “enveloping manly

Scent”……….that I may breath in you

When ever I desire……….

In the end

The truth stares me in the face…

I cannot live without my Enigma

So grow old along with me!

As we experience the tros of life

As the knowing of our souls penetrate

To deeper and deeper levels each season

Of our delicious lifes!

If loving him is pain

Then shall we join ‘Romeo and Juliet’

For I come to find that Alas;

We are never so defenseless against


As when I love.



The Ex; by me

Foolish Love

You hardly come by it
Someone you get to be
Romantic with
And foolish with
The one who sweeps you off
Your feet and makes being silly
So beautiful

You know you should choose
Him instead
The mature one
The one you can build a home with
A stable future
Not the one who gets your heart
And your blood rushing

And still you come back for
Some few stolen kisses
Crazy adventures

Kisses at the shore
That end in altercation
A dance at his crib
That ends with broken ribs
Coins in his pocket
And you wonder…
What am I doing

Yet he’s the one
Your heart misses
He’s the one
Your blood warms
He’s the one
Who makes you smile

No fake ‘I love you’s’
And ‘I was just checking on you’
No tensed conversations
And trying to be perfect

It’s a love to live for…
And die for…
A love I could live with
And have children with
Even if it’s foolish
Natasha Asare

The Ex; by me

My Heart aches……..

Loneliness is alien to me
Has always been
Yet I feel it’s presence keenly
Because you’re not with me

When you’re not around
Time seems cruel
Had never been so
But it is now…

Yet I know when you appear
Conflict is all that will be
Yet I know when you appear
Dissonance is all that will be
So why do I miss you?

Why is my nervous system feeling
Your absence so keenly?
When did our hearts become so
Keenly knotted together?
When did my immune system
Recognize you?
When did my DNA register you?
When did I ever feel loneliness
Without a man?

I’m angry
But have no one to blame
Tears threaten
But have no one to flow to
So I write a poem
And wonder it’s use?

Does it ameliorate my feelings?
Or just leaves one with a
Satisfied feeling?
Perhaps writing history is
And gazing at it a decade later

Maybe I’ll know it’s significance
Another life
That decade after
And maybe I’ll smile
And know it was worth it

But I’m still found in now and
Still sitting here sipping my cup
Of tea away
Missing my love
Yearning for his presence
And I’m still typing away
How my heart aches
The solace of a poet

The Ex; by me

Blame Cayenne*šŸ’‹

I have this intense sensation

To flirt through the wild streets of

Your mind

To know what you thinking

To know what you dreaming

I am at a junction now

Cross roads of which to take

Should I take the political detour

With concerns of the nation at heart?

Or should I graze the church street?

Maybe I’ll catch you talking with

Jesus and Gandhi

Mischievous eyes

And flirty thoughts…

Are oblivious to the mind’s quandary

A plethora of carnal emotions

Naturally steer my eyes

To the road truly desired

The Highway of Cayenne

But when about to cross, I paused

For I was apprehensive of seeing


Likely hidden from me

Or maybe fears hardly shown

Then I thought;

That will only make you the more


And aptly my Diego

And so I strolled through the wild


Of your imaginations…

And seesawed the craziness of your


I also stared for hours at the fears

Knotted in your heart…

And tended them with my soft palms

And at the end of my escapade

Oh I was drunk with LOVE!

I was in love with you more than ever!

And the doctor said I needed

To be Hospitalized

Sorry for not asking your permission

Before invading the streets of your


If you feel tired this noon

Blame Cayenne