The Ex; by me

Your Bravery

You strode into my life
Without an apology
You walked around my hours
Adamant on sharing them with me
You called me silly
For not letting you in
And I wondered
Who was this blastered son of Adam

You aroused my anger
With your impudent effort
At amending my life
You possessed my lips like
It was given to you of God
And as profusely as you introduced
Me to books..
So you did, the hot passion in
Your blood
With each kiss and fight
I tasted it
WIth each smile and salsa dancing
I strongly felt it
With each poem and you
I touched it

So my hours were yours
And yours were mine
My books were your books
My handouts were your handouts

But forgive me
That I never gave you my heart
But took yours
And threw it to the beggars

Our moments meant the
World to me
Your kisses were never
Your heart amended my life
My world
But I still couldn’t give you
My soul


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