Daddy God



In the trenches of my personal


I fully know the gravity of my

Inherent Stupidity

And I’m prone to accept that I can

Never amount to nothing

Maybe of all your creation

You used the last mud in creating me

But it’s still your breath inside of me

The God- Head three in one

The life of God living in a woman


That makes me wow!

So no matter my degree of folly

Inherent stupidity and forgetfulness

I can overtake the world

And keep under my feet

All that try to make me fall

I shall soar over every challenge

And I shall not fear

Because in this world my eye

Will surely witness tribulations

But only with my eye will I see them

A thousand at my left

Ten thousand at my right

They shall not come by me

I am an overcomer!


Yaa Esaah


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