Please Call Me


There is this void

That is created in your heart

An empty hallow

No one can fill

Except him

Except his voice

No other lad

No matter how many friends with benefits

You have

No matter how many suitors desire

For your voice

No matter the constant phone calls

Only his matters

Your heart calls for only him

And if he doesn’t call

And you are so damn broke; you can’t

Afford airtime to call…

You will find a way out

Before this emptiness eats you out

I guess that’s what it means

To be in love

Never thought I was in love

Still don’t think I am

I just know I….

Feel weak

A weakness that calls for his

Annoying voice

Silly jokes

Silly songs

Familiarity wrapping around you

And letting you know you

Have someone you can call

Your own

Only yours

Then you can finally go to sleep

With a smile on your face

Knowing you are loved

Even if it’s not the way you want it

At least you have a partner


Natasha- City




I looked at you

But my eyes couldn’t meet yours

Or rather yours avoided mine

You saw me and you told Father

I was the one you wanted

So gallant were your ways

So crisp were the shirts you wore

So tasteful was the perfume

You wore

So concise was the manner in which

You spoke

But your gallantry fell short

Of my dream man

Your gestures fell short of

My taste

Your looks fell short of my standards

Simply you fell

Short of me

But I was yours for the taking

And I was to know that another


And when I did

You were a new man in my sight

And you had my attention

And curiosity

For you were the “Chosen One”

Then you proved difficult to get

Yes I had your commitment

But I didn’t have your love,


Rapt attention

Your heart wasn’t in my palms

You earned my interest

The more!

Now I had to reach your standards

I had to meet your taste

I had to have your desire

Had to win your rapt attention

It was with knowledge

With polished looks

With modesty blended with indoor


I had to win over a man I

Had once unappreciated

My Betrothed

My Husband to be

A relationship’s cycle reversed

From Low to High

Boring to Thrilling

From a Plateau to a Mountain

All the laws of love had been

Thrown amiss

By one man


And now as you know me each day

And I know you each day

My fears are dispelled

Your rapt attention is mine

There were crying moments

Angry moments

Joyful moments

And moments of ecstasy

And now I thank God for this


This Betrothal

To the man of my soul

For we are an Avacado Pear.


Natasha- City

Growing up

Story of my Life*


At 9, 10, 11

A child I was

A quick comb of the hair

Pomade on my face

Then of to school I run!

At closing of school

I would practice Kung- fu

And beat up any boy

Who dares bully a girl!

At 12, 13, 14

The curving figure of a teenage


Oh but I hated school! I hated


Yet books were my best- friend

For I could not afford to be

The dumb one

In the mean time

My growing hormones found ecstasy

In writing novels of romance…

I was seen as a bad girl

Yet not even a kiss…

Had my virgin lips known

At 15, 16, 17

A growing woman I became

I kissed


And waltzed in the arms of

A charming man

And oh it felt so heavenly!

I brought in a little of my

Kung- fu

…Practiced a little of

My romance novels


Made up

Broke a guy’s heart and

Had mine broken

And oh it could make

A whole novel!

18, 19, 20

Then I met an Amazing Man

He told me he had always

Known me

He had eyes like fire

A voice like trimming waters

And healing in His wings

He swept me of my feet

Though I struggled to trust Him

I squirmed in His arms

For I feared I would fall

Self- dependent was i

And none did I trust

I hurt Him so many times

For I was accustomed to my ways

And so it was; 2 captains

On a ship

And thus was my youth

Now 21, future and future

I have learnt to love Him

To trust Him

To soar with Him into hidden


With each step, each day

He moulds me

Into a glorious vessel, a better


A woman beautiful inside and out

A woman able to glorify Him

Now clothed in His glory

The white sheets of a virgin

I danced in His arms

I rest my head on His chest

I feel His heartbeat

I drink from the cup in his


….It’s bitter…..yet sweet….

In His peace I melt- it’s


I don’t ever want to


For He’a a God who knows me

By name

An infinite God who gives

All of Himself to me!

As if there were no others!



Growing up



Didn’t know

My life was missing a

Certain color

Till you walked back into it

I thought my life was a complete


Till you reappeared

Ocean blue

That’s what was missing

I convinced myself

I could do without you

I didn’t need you

You could walk out for all I care

Life goes on

And besides

I was so strong

And strong people don’t cry

And I lived

Every day and days without

You in it

Sunny days

With new friends and colleagues

Eating ice cream and pillow fights

With my boo

All was good

And I wasn’t missing you

Only peered for a moment

At our photo

And wondered for a day

Why you left

Only pondered for an eternity

What terrible wrong I did you

Only wrote 10 poems about

How I would never forgive you

And then Ocean Blue phoned!

At the latter hours of a Sweet

November afternoon…

And instead of tears

A grin pinched at my cheeks

In place of a steel voice was

A soft whisper

And when I should have snobbed

And refused meeting you

There was a prompt, “It’s a date”

Coz my colors were suddenly


Ocean blue deficiency…

Nostalgia at it’s peak

Memories of youthful heady days

Causing adrenaline rush

Through the brain

And when a tear dropped

And splashed on my notepad


I realized

I missed you

And my rainbow was now complete