Daddy God

Stuck in Vanity






The mess in my heart

A fractal

Together, you say…

We can work it out



I continue to avoid you

Waking up with hippop playing

In my head

Eyes glittering with an

Exciting thought of a stolen kiss

Mind full of the growing

Camaraderie at the office

And deep down

The mind’s overload of

Worldly passions you linger

And ask…if we can chat


I’m still a mess

And I don’t wanna talk now

And I don’t know why I don’t

Wanna talk now

I just wanna indulge

In my thoughts

As fruitless as they are

In the movies

Which add up to me in no way

In vanity

I seem so stuck!

I can’t come out!!!


I’m a mess!

But you call me a fractal

A beautiful mess

And you still keep whispering

To me


Protecting me

Guiding me

And holding me




Break these cords around me!

Let me see the light once


Make me a child again!

Wide eyed and mystified

By your wonder…

By your beauty

My King!

Wake me up!

And let my purpose advice

My ways…

My steps…

My actions…

Once again


Let me spend my hours

Writing the mysteries your

Spirit reveals to me…

Pouring out wisdom to

Every soul that comes my way

Using your gifts to

Bless lives

Impacting the world

With your beauty in me


And may my eyes perceive

The storm that would come

For what it is

A demand for Jonah to get off

The ship

For if I cannot awake on

My own

Your stern hand will be nothing


Mercy to me.







There’s this Boy




There’s this boy

And he kindda has my heart

Won’t let him know

Till I figure how to get it back


There’s this boy

And I kindda stole his heart

Want him to have it

But he doesn’t want it back


It’s swelling and beating

With adrenaline and emotions

It’s veins are stretched with Arousal

It’s arteries clogged with Pain


We both know how delicate

The heart is

We both know how long it

Takes to heal…


Emotions are strong enough to tear

A vein

More destructive than hypercrondiasis

A betrayal is enough to stop

The heart

More threatening than a heart attack

So why do I delay in taking

My heart back

And why does he refuse

To retrieve his treasure back?


There’s this lad

I kindda have his heart

He has to take it back

Or else I’m doomed for guilt


There’s this lad

I kindda have his heart

He has to take it back

Or else he is doomed for Pain