Pocket Poems

I Expect From You…

I expect you to love me
With words from love songs
And reels of classic movies
With the most gallant of gestures
And surprise notes at my work place…
Heart warming text messages
And things that say I love you

But you offer me a love
That’s assured and relaxed
Certain and calculating
That plans and projects
How to love me forever
How to build our home
Nurture our kids
And grow our love
Till we’re 80 and tired
Ready to retire and spend the rest
Of our days loving each other.
Natasha- City

Pocket Poems

Poetry at my finger tips

imageTo lay my fingers on a keyboard
And dare to make uncryptic
The ‘sighs’ of my heart

A man among men
The object of my heart
Enigmatic is your eyes, your heart
Your love

With you life is an Ocean
My heart dancing; my heart

For you strike my Achilles heel
And in your arms am I most

We are never so defenseless against suffering
As when I love.