Beautiful Love*

Love Me Mr. City✨💋

There is always time for beauty
For kisses and
For getting lost forever
In your arms

But now I devote myself to
Knowing your smile
Your hurt
And your passions and anger

I devote myself to breathing
In your likes and dislikes
Your world view
And the way you look at God

There will be time
For when the time is ripe
For our lips to meet
And play games

That sacred day
When God will smile down
When two shall become one
On a bed undefiled in his eyes

For now I devote myself to
Knowing you
Not as the bible talks of
Knowing a man
But as my heart and soul desires
To know you
With no remittance of guilt

So love me Mr. City
And allow me to love you
As undefiled
As our souls desires
And let’s do our best to forget those moments..
..Moments like that moonless April
Evening at your crib

In your annoying new couch
When you casually brushed
Your hand down my back
Whiles making a phone call

Within that split second
I saw potential dangerous hands
Capable of making a woman
Of a girl…
Of taking her to places none
Can phantom

And when your conciousness
Came back to reality and you
Pulled your hands back
I smiled
Coz I knew I would dangerously
Enjoy my husband one day

But for now
Let’s devote ourselves to
The beauty
Of our love
Loving without touching
Playing without rubbing
Sharing without regrets
Until the time is ripe.
Natasha- City

Pocket Poems

I Expect From You…

I expect you to love me
With words from love songs
And reels of classic movies
With the most gallant of gestures
And surprise notes at my work place…
Heart warming text messages
And things that say I love you

But you offer me a love
That’s assured and relaxed
Certain and calculating
That plans and projects
How to love me forever
How to build our home
Nurture our kids
And grow our love
Till we’re 80 and tired
Ready to retire and spend the rest
Of our days loving each other.
Natasha- City

The Ex; by him

The Day it Rained…

The day it rained
The sun was kidnapped
The wind went raucous,
Hanged clothes were ransacked,
It rain
Helter- skelter
Various legs went various directions
Seeking shelter
As the rain took over

Lips were kissed
Breasts were caressed,
Two became one,
The rain ignited all
Soul rythem and blues,
RM Media players
Became liberators
‘Mene waa’
‘Power of love’
‘California bed’
Were heard

Rain…rain go away
It never went
Not to the beck and call of singles.
Like a neonate
The rain was all ID
The day it rained
I remembered
I was alone.

The Ex; by him

Echoes from Donkorkrom…his letter to me

I am writing this from my room slanted on my high-density mattress with my head couched on two pillows. The ceiling fan above me oscillates giving my just-bathe body a well deserved air. The walls of my room are painted white, two brightly colored and flowery emblazoned curtains opaque my window to the outsider’s view of my room’s inside. My room is as quiet as a place of meditation but in the next couple of minutes, I will break this silence with some high life to keep my eyes on the pages of my new novel. From yesterday to this coming Friday, Genesis, the name of a guest house
In Donkorkrom will house me.

Donkorkrom is an area council in the Kwaku North District of the eastern region. Per the 2010 census it has a population of 31,439 who are primarily agriculturist. It has impeccable forest, fauna and large volumes of water. It’s environment is picturesque of rural settlement; though the community has awakened to brisk Economic activity, water, sanitation and decent housing facilities. Some goats are bleating by reminding me of the “Aponkyikrakra” I took last night.

This community is green. It is less noisy as compared to Accra. It is a place to tell you, you are beautiful without you requesting for an encore. It is a place to let your lips know it’s like a ripe juicy fruit which cannot be left untouched. It’s a place if I tell you I have missed you, you won’t doubt.

Some kilometers away from the community is the Afram river. A long stretch of water along the margins of North and South Kwaku. If I had a yacht, it would have been my wildest dream, no wish, to take you to the middle of it and just tell you that you’re as sweet as honey from a pair of bees.

The scourge of restlessness from a long journey has taxed my body unpleasantly. And I wonder why sleep has deserted me at a time like this- untrustworthy substance it had been. Palms- your palms cascading from my shoulders to my waist is the emergency call I want to make, especially at a moment like this. For tiredness no longer begs for music to relax but you- body and soul.
Lovely yours.
May, 2013

The Ex; by him

Singing Adele*

For the first time in my listening to Music,

I gave Adele an hour or so, to speak to my ears,

Her lyrics were inaudible but her pain to my auditory nerves,

I saw the inspiration, from which she sung from so visibly,

I saw how wet her heart was,

And how dry her soul has been,

She took her tragedy to stage,

Putting all the journals of conditional love to beat,

Her heart still beats for the sake of life, not love

For the sake of music, not fusion

I am using this space to let you know

That you are second to none,

And that you still hang like a frame on my mind’s wall,

Which I stare at each moment with my mind’s eye,

Even if all the doors are closed to prevent me from entering,

I won’t mind standing behind them,

I still want to reach out to you,

I believe all we need at the moment are some words to sit on like chairs,

Scripted by us, prefaced by what we seek and hope you do,

And may the brimstone of love burn all our distractions,

Still you know I love you,

And I know you love me,

We are not fairy tales,

We are realities.
June 2013.

The Ex; by me

10 tHiNgS I hate about u

I hate the way you
talk to me…
And your unfashionable looks…
I hate the way you push me
To learn…
I hate it when you stare…
I hate your silly goofy jokes…
And the way you know me so well…
I hate you so much it
Makes me sick
It even makes me rhyme
I hate it
I hate it when you poet me…
I hate it when you lie…
I hate it when you make me
Even worse when you make me
I hate it when you’re not around..
But worse we fight
When you are
But mostly I hate the way
I don’t hate you
Not even close
Not even a little
Not even at all

Naughty Love

The Naughty side of me

He speaks to me in that voice
That entices the naughty side
of me
He looks at me with those eyes
That elicits the wild side of me
Yet he’s not my boo
He’s not my hubby

Living the free life of a
Single woman
Going for dates I want
Throwing flirty glances
Entertaining silly thoughts
Now have to come to a halt

And it begins with commitment
The two C’s
Concious Commitment
Coz thereis something called
Passive Commitment
And the latter can easily be swept
Away by
The charms of another man

So there comes a time when you need to be a girl no longer
But a woman
Who sticks to her word
Who’s thighs he can lay his
head on
And be strong for him when
he’s weak
Be consistent and trustworthy

A woman who can be a mother to
His children
A friend he can always trust
A mother to his baby side
And provide a home

Never to be swayed by the charms
Of any other man
To say till death do us part
And really mean it
His woman