Pocket Poems





The sun smiles down on

Me as I walk to work…

Kissing my skin and making me

Smile back…

The red headed cock gives

Me a cocktail…

Reminding me my voice is a



Almost stepped into ‘miss mud’

And she tells me,

Be careful, life can be muddy.



Painful Love

The cost of loving you- Nikita




You’re so strong

Too strong

You fight the battles I don’t want

You to fight

And you get bruised

And I come

Always come

So close to loosing you!

You fight life’s battles

People’s battles

The world’s battles!

And at times I feel

Everyone has you except me


You’re so stubborn

Too stubborn

It stopped been cute

The day you walked away

Into fire

That left you half dead

And you expected me to wait

To see if you would die

And if not….’exhale’

Well guess what

You left me dead the

Moment you walked out that door


You’re so beautiful

Too beautiful

I can’t stop staring

I get injured in life

Many a times

Coz my focus is on you and

Not on the road

You in my album, phone gallery

On my bedroom wall

Heart and mind…


Your heart so beautiful

You carry everyone in it

You’re a saint and


But then before it happens

I know you’ll die a Martyr’s death

And I would die along with you


That’s if I stay

That’s if I didn’t loose my soul

That day you danced with the fire

That’s if my idiocy allows

Forgiveness again

And I let you into my arms

To continue fighting for us


But I’m done

Loving you killed me

A century ago

And this person speaking

Is just a walking dead

And came to convey a message

That the cost of loving you

Is too painful

Too costly


Goodbye my lover.



Written after watching the day Michael walked out on Nikita( Nikita; season 4). So emotional I almost died!


Nikita’s wrong? Was been too strong (with a determined heart)….too stubborn(it was no longer cute…especially the day she walked away)…..too beautiful (physical prowess and beauty of her heart)