Sedimentary Love…

IMG_7359It’s the years of friendship that
Swept away before
Our first spontaneous hug
… the midnight sea
Our first kiss
…..unplanned and breathtaking
Our first attempts at making out
…..a discovery by two
Secondary Virgins☺️

It’s the years of mischievous nights
That tailed behind…..
Lying in my hall….
Sharing one breath and fidgeting
With all our favorite places….
Making glee of our attempts at Chastity….☺️

It’s your absolute determination
To make me your only confidant
And friend….
Your muse and hobby…..
Your morning and noon…..
In spite of jobs that leave us too weary
For evening conversations….
And lectures
That take the rest of the days
We could
Have shared together……..

It’s the few numbered Great- Fights that almost tore us apart….
The adrenaline rush and near- death nostalgia the events brought
To our hearts….
And the overwhelming joy
Of finding each other again….
When we thought it was all lost….

It’s the victories we chalked
The academic
The Financial
The Spiritual
…And Career breakthroughs Shared with cross- intertwined blood- drained fingers…
The pain and the joy that erupts in our souls! Oh our souls did weep and dance at each one of them!

It’s the many times your heart has forgiven and let it go of my wrongs
When I deserved it not
In your words…
“When the heart goes wrong…
You fix it…
You don’t throw it away
….I can’t throw away
My heart”….
Oh your forgiveness each time
Was breath to my suffocating soul!

Its the miracle of romance
That crept into our courtship…
The sudden feelings of endearment
That ceased both our hearts..
Making a man like you grow
Expressive and jelly….
Sweet and soft…………
Suddenly we were to each other
More precious than gold….
A life without the other was
Un thought of…….

How did it happen?….
It’s the years of sedimentary love
The years of knowing you and
Knowing me …..
Each debris did build this love
So strong………
Now the storms have come
Harder than ever….

My heart is desperate
I despair!
Our love has known too many
An huddles….
quinquennial in years
But having nothing to show
Of our toil…..
I despair but I seem to love you
More each day….
We seem to crave each other
Stronger each day
How is it that our despair does not
Equal Surrender!
How is that I loose faith each day
But still hold Faith
How is it that the sediments that
Formed our love have yet to
Fragment with the storms that
Erode against us each year
How is it that we’re still here!


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