The Ex; by me

Foolish Love

You hardly come by it
Someone you get to be
Romantic with
And foolish with
The one who sweeps you off
Your feet and makes being silly
So beautiful

You know you should choose
Him instead
The mature one
The one you can build a home with
A stable future
Not the one who gets your heart
And your blood rushing

And still you come back for
Some few stolen kisses
Crazy adventures

Kisses at the shore
That end in altercation
A dance at his crib
That ends with broken ribs
Coins in his pocket
And you wonder…
What am I doing

Yet he’s the one
Your heart misses
He’s the one
Your blood warms
He’s the one
Who makes you smile

No fake ‘I love you’s’
And ‘I was just checking on you’
No tensed conversations
And trying to be perfect

It’s a love to live for…
And die for…
A love I could live with
And have children with
Even if it’s foolish
Natasha Asare


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