The Ex; by me

Masculine Perfection




Your features

Are that of a person who

Can never relax…

You were born to fight


Fight for your life

Fight for your country

Fight for me


Your mind

It carries the wisdom of an

Ancient man

It carries the passion of an

Ancient heart

And all the wealth of love you could

Ever shower on a woman

I was once that woman…


But i could never tend those

Muscles well enough

Could never relax your heart

Long enough

Before you sprang back to thinking

And pondering

And brainstorming

How you can help the needy

The youth

Your beloved nation


You are carved in every

Masculine way

That delights my seadipus eyes

Muscles bundled in softness

Oh that heart that loved me!

Adored me

Worshipped me

That heart that gave a bit if itself

To strangers in need

Till it had nothing left but

Blooded tatters


I know you still love me

From a distance

As I….you

My assiduous leader

2nd Kwame Nkrumah

I’ll miss you forever

An infinite eulogy on the billboard

Of my mind.

July 2015.







I’m falling into you




A boy within…

A man outward…

Fragile beneath…

Strong outward…

Soft within…

Tough outward…

…And I touched that soul within


That soul that loves me so

It’s icy lips have I felt

It’s unseeable image have I seen

Within the depths of your

Pleading eyes

And I shudder that I touched it


For now I have come to love it…

Against all warning signs!

And in the serenity of my moments

Have I longed for it

When all becomes still


And now I weigh the warnings and

The yearnings…

That which is written and my

Emerging desires…

His will and my growing desire…


Would you be an instrument in the

Hands of the foe…

A blessing in one way…a curse

In the latter part…

We cannot see as far as

Father can see…

We do not know how wrong the

Future would go if we end up together


And with my little knowledge;

Best friends last longer than lovers…


…So am left thinking to myself..

He knocked and asked if he could

Join me in my thoughts…

I resisted him…

He raised his hands and saith…

“Come now and let us reason together”

At the end of the dialogue

His perfect will was obvious;

We were meant to be only friends

And it was for our own good

And the sake of our calling.



The Ex; by me

My 1st Love




You you were my first and

Last broken heart

After you I turned tables

And became the Chess Master

Always with an ace up my sleeve


You kissed my na√Įvety with honesty

And bit my swelling love

With betrayal

You bit me on the lip

When I caught your eyes opened

In a seemly deep kiss


You were my first love

The first man to show me how cruel

This world is

Ain’t for a girl

Wanting to love and be loved

Only for a woman who knows

Where she’s going


So college will teach you all

The theories of wealth

Marx is fighting with the government

And Freud thinks women are

Lesser men

This world will offer you no help

But will only make way for

The woman

Who knows where she is going


So wait till you know

What you want

And if you still want me at the end

In addition to your ambitions

I’ll still be yours for the taking


And this time when I kiss you

It will be with eyes deeply closed

And I’ll know am loving a woman

Who knows what she wants

And who’s desire is really for me

Till then let me remain your ex

And I’m sorry I hurt you.