The Ex; by him

Let’s Re- Script Us




My shaky hands

Moved by my heavy heart

Inking anti- clockwise all the words,

That should not have been said.

I heard the thunder

Before seeing the lightening,

I find no humor in how I oversped

My emotions

That moment,

And here I am oh dear,

Singing all of Adele’s renditions

Like a wounded lion.


Please, please, please,

I never thought I would be so

Shattered without you,

I never thought my eyes would turn

Into an ocean in the nights,

I need you,

I love you,

As a person, who you are,

I’m crazy about you,


Give me a chance to re- script us.

Stop neglecting me,

It hurts

_ _

November 2013


The Ex; by him

Bounce Back Receding Tides




Emotion is like the breeze which

Drags the sea to the shore,

It recedes,

Only to come back with another

Strong momentum,

Gracing our feet with another crop

Of sea.


A heart under lock,

Only beats to survive,

Not to live,

Because it does not expect any key

To true happiness

It beats anguish into the blood


It either kills instantly,

Or makes one a walking dead.


Yes, a heart could recede

Into the smallest corner of hades.

But it could gasp bits of audacity,

To the frontier of a fresh beginning,

And experience.


Never dig a ground to bury your


Where no one could find to love,

Lest it bitter your emotions,

And wither your chances to true



In the glare of whatever claims to

Adore your heart,

Go gay!

Bounce back receding tides,

Go childish,

Go silly,

Go out- rageous.


Wobble the table with bolt cracking


Wet the atmosphere with cackling

Babbling laughter,

Honor civil fantasies with reality,

Bounce back receding tides.


The Ex; by me

Stretching Limits




I can feel it

The silence is actually touching me

I can hear it

Its elasticity is reaching it’s bounds



Gone so long without

Talking to me


I know I walked out

I know this is how it’s supposed

To be

I know you’re doing great

Going so long

But I’m still taken aback

That you could actually do it


It’s actually happening

You are walking away

After pursuing for so long

I thought you’d never have it in you

I thought you’d always be my


My virile exciting stalker


And now a part of me is scared

And I wonder who now has your


I wonder if you would ever love

Like you loved me

If a woman will ever have your

Rapt attention

As I possessed yours


I wonder if you’re smiling

And waltzing

And kissing

And been loved


If you’re writing

Poems of her…

If she makes you laugh

That rapturous laughter

And makes you smile

That goofy smile


The rope is stretching

The limits are going beyond

My heart will tear

And yours would

Last tears escape the eye

And words assure the heart

Its for the best


So goodbye my lover

You’ve been the one

You’ve been the one

For me

You deserve happiness

Forgive me

I could never love you well.