Beautiful Love*



Life is

You and me beginning from scratch

Building with our hands

Your career and mine

In gloomy days…

With barely a light of hope

Till the sun rose over its bed

Then our eyes behold a new phase

Life is

You and me

Moving into a homely abode

Buying and managing

Warming virgin sheets

Budgeting our days and funds

As our love produces a little one

Life is

You and me

Nurturing dreams of sunshine

And laughter

Groomed kids in a mansion

Touching lives and making history

Till our stars are full of age

And our bodies have made love in

Every possible way.


                                Natasha- City

When you’re a child you dream of marrying a prince and going straight into a mansion on your wedding day….

…..Not a flat or an apartment.

But life is life. I still love you and I’m actually giddish and excited about building this mansion together with you………our kids would be so proud of us. And I’d be so proud of myself when I look back at what we built with our hands.



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