Beautiful Love*

Evolving Love


Through acts of love, rebukes

And huddles overcome

You can actually hold still

And hear us evolving

I did not love you like I do now

If you rewind a month away

I did not trust you like I do now

If you fast-back October

I did not believe in us like I do now

If you replay a season before

I never knew I would come to fall so

Desparately in love with you

And I wonder if papa knows the

Date for our wedding even before

We set it

And knows we need to go through

All this growth, and pain and beauty

Before our hearts and souls say I do

And knows the aftermath Experiences of our marriage that

A part of me dreads and a part of me

Looks forward to

That every day brings you closer

To knowing every one of my demons

And how I bruise and scar and cry

Ever too frequently

And how I forget things ever too easily

Scares me

Yet I can only but stare

And hope our love will survive it

And our strength will indeed

Build for us

A family with a heritage

That will resonate for years of posterity.


                             Natasha- City

Relationships that survive the process of two strangers exposing their flaws to each other…misunderstandings caused by human nature and the huddles life itself throws at man is a sight to behold.

And in this century…for it to survive marriage and build a heritage is another miracle.

From hindsight it’s beautiful to watch the process of evolution……..indeed it’s interestingly beautiful.


Beautiful Love*

Let’s Circle Again


The adventure of unraveling

An interesting soul…

A personality that is able to do things

No other being can do to you

You come to find that

The gaze



Of getting to know him…

As you two circle around each other

Is a thrill that can never be compared

To any other moment of history

You two shall share together…

When bones shall become old

And you’ve both made love in every

Possible Way

A decade after.


                           Natasha- City

Beautiful Love*



Serious and coy

Flirty and motherly

A man’s mind, a woman’s arms

Her delicate palms, her strong heart

She’s the woman who’s got my heart

With a cute tie on curvy hips

I watch her walk out of her office

Those long slender legs

Slid into my car and said ‘drive’

Her analytical brains

Prepared my financial budget

Able hands built our home

Soft lips

Eased tension from a life time of

Tensed muscles

Her softness

Cushioned my hardness

She changed my world

Sunlight in a dense forest

Rain on patched desert

She brought meaning to my life

Strict yet tender

Strong yet vulnerable

This is the woman I’m

In love with

And will forever be

We were meant to be.



What do men look for in a woman?……