Naughty Love

Kiss me already


It’s rainy and cold

The air is heavy with longings

Of warm bedsheets and you


My imagination has your face

Warm in between my two palms

And your slow breath

Against mine

Sending trickles

Down my body

Spreading goosebumps in it’s path

And pre-preparing my feminine body

For the wonders your man can do to me.

Kiss me already!

But before that

Lemmie hug you long and warm

Lemmie hold you…

Inhale your exhale

Let us cuddle and stay in eternity

For a brief moment

You’re all I want.

                     Nov 2015


Naughty Love

Virgin Night 



Hearts soaring on a thrill of a vacation
Never experienced
Uncertainties await two lovers
But in the face of uncertainties
There is no room for
Worry for
Freedom is bliss

Now at hindsight
I know not which is more beautiful

Our spooning nights
Your slow breath against my skin
Your hairy arms wrapped around
My tummy
Our legs entangled with the foreign
Feel of your naked
Masculine thighs on mine

The art of my feminine figure
In your masculine shirt
Tiptoeing about the room
To the revel of your hungry eyes

My soft heart did leap
When I beheld a man wrapped in
White Towel
Emerging from the bathroom
In hairy endowment as of a teen wolf

But my memory can
Never paint well nor do justice to
The glory of the moment
When I felt like a woman
In the arms of a strong black man

Oh he was black
And strong
And I had never known wetness
Till my legs shook with Prolonged- delayed
And my body begged your very entrance
Though my lips chose not to employ

And the escapes of my lips’ groans
Underestimated the experience of
You taking me!
Unbearable pleasure
Painful pleasure
Pain in pleasure
Was all my body did know
Till it was over
And you lay on me
Like a baby
It was the night of 5th July 2015

                             6th July 2015
                              Natasha- City

The first times’ of everything is always a moment to cherish forever for there is never going to be anything like the first time! The first kiss…the first touch…the first time his hand touched your cheeks….the first dance..the first time you walked hand in hand…………….the first night together!

Mum and dad will say it was on their wedding night but we all know that isn’t true 🙈☺️

Every emotion is heightened and there are butterflies in the tummy no matter how mature you act! Seeing her in a bathrobe is a thrill! Seeing him with a towel wrapped around his waist is a thrill! And when sweet oh night finally arrives and you feel his arms going around your tummy…hairy legs wrapping around your legs and his hardness pressed against your bum you will have to shut your eyes and suppress the youthful giggle and pray you get to still keep your virginity.☺️

But from the above……you know I wasn’t able to keep mine….😊🙈


Naughty Love

Persona non grata

Intimacy was when my eyes
Glanced into yours and
You caught my thoughts before
I could grasp them back

Intimacy was when you
Caressed me back with your
Synchronizing thoughts and I didn’t Have to feel like a flirt

Intense became the surrounding Environment when my soul
Recognized your very kind
My very delight…
And as our intellect began to fondle
Over a mug of coffee
And your eyes undressed my
World view and beliefs
I found that I could ride on the
Waves of your gray matter for an eternity
And share caffeinated secrets with
Your lit eyes and attentive ears for
A decade

And if we allow
Our brains
To continually stroke each other
We will get to that familiar juncture…
Our hormones
Would want to also mingle

Coz I’m already staring at your
Hairy hands
And wondering if they are only
Good at tapping the table
And my mind is already placing
My arms around your neck
Waltzing to “all of me”.

So we have to end here
You’ve been a pleasant distraction
In my harmony of life plans
And I have a man to go back to.
To Herbert
     And all the guys I’ve ever been    
     Tempered to flirt with😊

There are people you come across in life that might have a look that might just seize your attention. There are those who might have the spirit that attracts you. There are those who have the brains that gets your mind wet and hungry for an infinite conversation.

All these at one point in time have crossed my path and left a trail of excitement and joy. But I had a focus and I had to move on and not succumb to the temptation to date. Some were easy to say good bye to; others…is a story to tell.

The latter  were the brain ones…the ones who’s thought processes get me wet and I never have enough of a conversation with them….who’s words were like flowing poetry- add to that a romantic heart and mature arms strong enough to make you feel like a woman! Damn! How do you resist that!

But still they remain a persona non grata coz you’ve got other plans for your life……and you just can’t include him…..Or her. And if any of these happen to come by when you’re already in a relationship- damn! That’s worse.

Have you ever felt that way?


Naughty Love

Is that a question?




Never wanted to say…

But since you ask…….



Behind the dress is a

Heart I would like to melt

With my kisses….

A body I would love to play

Throughout the night

One with a mind

That need be treated like

A Queen

Who’s sweet release shall be my

Primary goal


Baby I’ll concede…

That though I’m the one leading

You down the chaste road

You’ve been on my mind

In the most primal way possible

And in my dreams

You’ve been mine…in

A thousand and one ways


But I’m still willing to wait

For that day when you

Will be most happy…and at ease

To slip it down those slender


And tease me till i can’t stand

No more


Then will I finally strip myself of


And show you how I did it

In my dreams

Putting my hands in places

You’ve yet to show me

And you’ll have to forgive me

For your beauty behind the dress

Never failed to intrigue me from

The very day I met you

And that’s a confession

Jan 2015


Naughty Love

Loose Control with Me


Forbidden pleasures

Taste so sweet

Forbidden pleasures

Really can never be compared

To accepted pleasures


These are those nights

One of those itching tempting


When I’m filled with the crazy desire

To loose control with you

To blow mindless kisses all

Over your face

To kiss you till I hear your breath

Grow dense and rapid…

To scrape my fingers through your

Thick black hair

And press buttons

That will turn on your engine

…To let you discover your earlobes

Could actually make you hard


Will you loose control with me

Taste the forbidden with me

So we wake up to regret together


We will stop!

When my fingers

Rake through the hair on

Your chest which I’m yet to see

We will halt!

When your breath is so

Dangerously near my nipples

We will break

When my bra buttons

Suddenly unlocks!

I promise we will stop then!



So I was only daydreaming

A reverie of wet passion

Yet to be experienced

Forgive me for being naughty

And let’s continue our chaste


Till the day we walk down the


Till the night when

My wetness shall fiddle with your

Hardness and my desire shall

Cushion your sweet release





Naughty Love

The Naughty side of me

He speaks to me in that voice
That entices the naughty side
of me
He looks at me with those eyes
That elicits the wild side of me
Yet he’s not my boo
He’s not my hubby

Living the free life of a
Single woman
Going for dates I want
Throwing flirty glances
Entertaining silly thoughts
Now have to come to a halt

And it begins with commitment
The two C’s
Concious Commitment
Coz thereis something called
Passive Commitment
And the latter can easily be swept
Away by
The charms of another man

So there comes a time when you need to be a girl no longer
But a woman
Who sticks to her word
Who’s thighs he can lay his
head on
And be strong for him when
he’s weak
Be consistent and trustworthy

A woman who can be a mother to
His children
A friend he can always trust
A mother to his baby side
And provide a home

Never to be swayed by the charms
Of any other man
To say till death do us part
And really mean it
His woman