Growing up

A Heavy Soul


Weary eyes

Dreading life

Yearning for rest

And strength to carry on the journey

Then youth dissipates

Life seems to weigh heavier

You start trying



Meeting up to needs

Your relationship demands

Time and nurturing

Your new job demands

Six days a week

And all the strength of your

Remaining youth

Schooling hasn’t ended….

Loved ones still want

Need you in every way possible

There is never enough in the pocket


Trying to grow





Is all too weary for the


All too strain ful for the


Still I keep up

Close to tears each day

But never letting it show

Coz they wouldn’t demand less

Not your babe

Not your kids

Not life

So give me a new perspective

So I don’t see life with teary eyes

Rejuvenate my soul

To strengthten weak limbs

For the journey I must walk

And complete with Joy

It has to be with Joy

For am already weary

And my soul is constantly at

The verge of tears

And I feel I’m too weak to

Live life……..

Marry another soul

Nurture growing kids

Bless generations with my

Gifts and talents

Which are still deficient

Of value and gold

So let me see like the Cherubims

In your presence

Who see the earth to be full

Of your glory…

That I can see with your eyes

My future

And know that it is well

I shall make it



I read once that nothing in nature lives for itself. Rivers don’t drink their own water. Trees don’t eat their own fruit. Sun doesn’t give heat for itself. Flowers don’t spread fragrance for themselves. Living for others is the rule of nature. And therein lies the secret of living.

But how do I live for others when I’m so weary….and I dread that it’s not a phase of my life….that I’ll always feel weary and tired….
From school to the working environment…to marriage…to a combination of all three! Help me God!


Growing up

He loves me..He loves me not


My comb runs through my

Silky black hair

Hands go up to give it

A little bounce…

Pink juicy gloss spreads across

Dainty lips…

Dimples appear as lips curve

Into a smile…

Eyebrows raise in a seductive


As the girl in the mirror gazes back at Pretty Me.

He says I am the most beautiful

Thing he had ever laid eyes on…

Every night I was a torment in

His flesh…

To caress the blossoms on my

Lips, was his heart throb…

To kiss his way gently down

My back was his Wildest


The only things that kept me him

Wishing on a WISHING STAR…


I let out a deep breath…

As Pretty me stares back at

Guilty me…

No soul had to bring to my remembrance…

That my body ain’t mine to do

with as I please

The fact that I owe God

An account of my body One day

Should make me live right and be sexually pure.

To go after what Father does not


Is a Dangerous Game

I cannot go against Him and

Expect to be happy…

Besides I heard SEX is much

More than the contact of GENITALS.

The union of body, soul and spirit

What if the relationship doesn’t work

How many guys will I end up

Being bounded to before My Marriage?……

And is he gonna use a condom?

Though I wanna enjoy the real thing

I don’t wanna find myself thinking

Of killing my first child…

Sigh…(*\”^)…I don’t want to

Loose my confidence before God…

Life is definitely not worth living outside of a sound relationship with Him


If the affection and respect he has

For me is not strong enough to

Allow me keep my body…

I guess he ain’t the one

For God’s little princess…

I know Father has a plan

For this aspect of my life..

And I do not want to create

ROADBLOCKS for this plan

By doing things my own way

He is My 1st Love

And will forever have that

Place in my heart…

When all is said and done

I must learn to be there

For me

And not come to one day

Find myself

Regretting not been there

For the Girl in the Mirror.


                               Natasha Asare

Growing up

Sweet 16-Bitter 16


Fleshy thighs in hot dresses

Press here and there

Lines of pidgin float about

Pregnant with lust and affinity

Ungodly music fills the air

To the ears of the uptown girl ever- pleasing…

Then the sun rises from it’s cloudy


And splits through the foggy

Night of my life

Spiritual eyes are opened

Tears are born in the eye

Filthiness all around

An eyesore to the “Holy eye”

On the fence I can sit no longer

For at the exciting age of 16

My crane finally alights…

“Temptation” whispers loudly…

“Angelic voices” groan softly

But the power of temptation

prevails not..

For painfully my sinful life pants

To an end…

And the cares of yesterday are forgotten.



My first poem
My first encounter with God.
So sweet….so beautiful……
But it was still difficult leaving behind my black nails, seductive dressing, crazy teenage life and risqué writing.

Growing up

Story of my Life*


At 9, 10, 11

A child I was

A quick comb of the hair

Pomade on my face

Then of to school I run!

At closing of school

I would practice Kung- fu

And beat up any boy

Who dares bully a girl!

At 12, 13, 14

The curving figure of a teenage


Oh but I hated school! I hated


Yet books were my best- friend

For I could not afford to be

The dumb one

In the mean time

My growing hormones found ecstasy

In writing novels of romance…

I was seen as a bad girl

Yet not even a kiss…

Had my virgin lips known

At 15, 16, 17

A growing woman I became

I kissed


And waltzed in the arms of

A charming man

And oh it felt so heavenly!

I brought in a little of my

Kung- fu

…Practiced a little of

My romance novels


Made up

Broke a guy’s heart and

Had mine broken

And oh it could make

A whole novel!

18, 19, 20

Then I met an Amazing Man

He told me he had always

Known me

He had eyes like fire

A voice like trimming waters

And healing in His wings

He swept me of my feet

Though I struggled to trust Him

I squirmed in His arms

For I feared I would fall

Self- dependent was i

And none did I trust

I hurt Him so many times

For I was accustomed to my ways

And so it was; 2 captains

On a ship

And thus was my youth

Now 21, future and future

I have learnt to love Him

To trust Him

To soar with Him into hidden


With each step, each day

He moulds me

Into a glorious vessel, a better


A woman beautiful inside and out

A woman able to glorify Him

Now clothed in His glory

The white sheets of a virgin

I danced in His arms

I rest my head on His chest

I feel His heartbeat

I drink from the cup in his


….It’s bitter…..yet sweet….

In His peace I melt- it’s


I don’t ever want to


For He’a a God who knows me

By name

An infinite God who gives

All of Himself to me!

As if there were no others!



Growing up



Didn’t know

My life was missing a

Certain color

Till you walked back into it

I thought my life was a complete


Till you reappeared

Ocean blue

That’s what was missing

I convinced myself

I could do without you

I didn’t need you

You could walk out for all I care

Life goes on

And besides

I was so strong

And strong people don’t cry

And I lived

Every day and days without

You in it

Sunny days

With new friends and colleagues

Eating ice cream and pillow fights

With my boo

All was good

And I wasn’t missing you

Only peered for a moment

At our photo

And wondered for a day

Why you left

Only pondered for an eternity

What terrible wrong I did you

Only wrote 10 poems about

How I would never forgive you

And then Ocean Blue phoned!

At the latter hours of a Sweet

November afternoon…

And instead of tears

A grin pinched at my cheeks

In place of a steel voice was

A soft whisper

And when I should have snobbed

And refused meeting you

There was a prompt, “It’s a date”

Coz my colors were suddenly


Ocean blue deficiency…

Nostalgia at it’s peak

Memories of youthful heady days

Causing adrenaline rush

Through the brain

And when a tear dropped

And splashed on my notepad


I realized

I missed you

And my rainbow was now complete



Growing up



If it took you a year to come back

To me

My anger would have burned

But it took you forever

And now I have no anger left

Inside me

I just miss you

Your cartoon laughter

Your childish ways

(And yeah I know you matured)

Your never ending conversations

That say; my mind will hurt

If I don’t talk

I miss your company

And I wonder what I did

For you to walk away

If you had taken a year

I know I would have snobbed you if

You ever came back

But now you’ve taken forever

And I know I would hug you should I

Ever see you

A part of me wants to forget you

Walk on’ like I never knew you

A part of me wants to loathe you

Snob you’ should we ever cross


And a part of me just wants to say

I miss you’

So we are moving on

I’m getting a job

Then getting married

Then finishing my masters

Then having kids

So I’m closing my mind to you

Cause carrying you in my heart

Whether waiting to snob or hug you;


And my mind can’t carry this

Unconcious burden no more

So it’s good bye for now

Till we meet when we 40.

Nov., 2013


Growing up

Out of the Rat Race!

imageThe shelved Ambitions

As we awake even before our

Dreams begin

Drag our bodies to the shower

Prepare a quick toast

And walk out the door

Five mornings a week

Before the sun can claim the

Day as it’s own


Mounting Pressures

As adulthood piles up

Responsibilities and making ends


Loved ones asking

For a loaf of bread

And the chosen of them

Already entitled to a fixed



Dreams fading

As they seem less impossible

With each laboring day…

Stuck in the rat race that

Affords you no pause

No luxury

Even for your protruding pregnancy


Till you scream it Ends Now

Till you utilize the knowledge

Accumulated at College

Only theorized before now

And allow them refine your able


Knowledge put to wisdom

Ready to create and mold

A visionary entrepreneur

Into the world’s next Business Giant!


Natasha Asare