Growing up

He loves me..He loves me not

My comb runs through my

Silky black hair

Hands go up to give it

A little bounce…

Pink juicy gloss spreads across

Dainty lips…

Dimples appear as lips curve

Into a smile…

Eyebrows raise in a seductive


As the girl in the mirror gazes back at Pretty Me.

He says I am the most beautiful

Thing he had ever laid eyes on…

Every night I was a torment in

His flesh…

To caress the blossoms on my

Lips, was his heart throb…

To kiss his way gently down

My back was his Wildest


The only things that kept me him

Wishing on a WISHING STAR…


I let out a deep breath…

As Pretty me stares back at

Guilty me…

No soul had to bring to my remembrance…

That my body ain’t mine to do

with as I please

The fact that I owe God

An account of my body One day

Should make me live right and be sexually pure.

To go after what Father does not


Is a Dangerous Game

I cannot go against Him and

Expect to be happy…

Besides I heard SEX is much

More than the contact of GENITALS.

The union of body, soul and spirit

What if the relationship doesn’t work

How many guys will I end up

Being bounded to before My Marriage?……

And is he gonna use a condom?

Though I wanna enjoy the real thing

I don’t wanna find myself thinking

Of killing my first child…

Sigh…(*\”^)…I don’t want to

Loose my confidence before God…

Life is definitely not worth living outside of a sound relationship with Him


If the affection and respect he has

For me is not strong enough to

Allow me keep my body…

I guess he ain’t the one

For God’s little princess…

I know Father has a plan

For this aspect of my life..

And I do not want to create

ROADBLOCKS for this plan

By doing things my own way

He is My 1st Love

And will forever have that

Place in my heart…

When all is said and done

I must learn to be there

For me

And not come to one day

Find myself

Regretting not been there

For the Girl in the Mirror.


                               Natasha Asare


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