Growing up



Didn’t know

My life was missing a

Certain color

Till you walked back into it

I thought my life was a complete


Till you reappeared

Ocean blue

That’s what was missing

I convinced myself

I could do without you

I didn’t need you

You could walk out for all I care

Life goes on

And besides

I was so strong

And strong people don’t cry

And I lived

Every day and days without

You in it

Sunny days

With new friends and colleagues

Eating ice cream and pillow fights

With my boo

All was good

And I wasn’t missing you

Only peered for a moment

At our photo

And wondered for a day

Why you left

Only pondered for an eternity

What terrible wrong I did you

Only wrote 10 poems about

How I would never forgive you

And then Ocean Blue phoned!

At the latter hours of a Sweet

November afternoon…

And instead of tears

A grin pinched at my cheeks

In place of a steel voice was

A soft whisper

And when I should have snobbed

And refused meeting you

There was a prompt, “It’s a date”

Coz my colors were suddenly


Ocean blue deficiency…

Nostalgia at it’s peak

Memories of youthful heady days

Causing adrenaline rush

Through the brain

And when a tear dropped

And splashed on my notepad


I realized

I missed you

And my rainbow was now complete




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