Growing up

Sweet 16-Bitter 16

Fleshy thighs in hot dresses

Press here and there

Lines of pidgin float about

Pregnant with lust and affinity

Ungodly music fills the air

To the ears of the uptown girl ever- pleasing…

Then the sun rises from it’s cloudy


And splits through the foggy

Night of my life

Spiritual eyes are opened

Tears are born in the eye

Filthiness all around

An eyesore to the “Holy eye”

On the fence I can sit no longer

For at the exciting age of 16

My crane finally alights…

“Temptation” whispers loudly…

“Angelic voices” groan softly

But the power of temptation

prevails not..

For painfully my sinful life pants

To an end…

And the cares of yesterday are forgotten.



My first poem
My first encounter with God.
So sweet….so beautiful……
But it was still difficult leaving behind my black nails, seductive dressing, crazy teenage life and risqué writing.


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