Growing up



If it took you a year to come back

To me

My anger would have burned

But it took you forever

And now I have no anger left

Inside me

I just miss you

Your cartoon laughter

Your childish ways

(And yeah I know you matured)

Your never ending conversations

That say; my mind will hurt

If I don’t talk

I miss your company

And I wonder what I did

For you to walk away

If you had taken a year

I know I would have snobbed you if

You ever came back

But now you’ve taken forever

And I know I would hug you should I

Ever see you

A part of me wants to forget you

Walk on’ like I never knew you

A part of me wants to loathe you

Snob you’ should we ever cross


And a part of me just wants to say

I miss you’

So we are moving on

I’m getting a job

Then getting married

Then finishing my masters

Then having kids

So I’m closing my mind to you

Cause carrying you in my heart

Whether waiting to snob or hug you;


And my mind can’t carry this

Unconcious burden no more

So it’s good bye for now

Till we meet when we 40.

Nov., 2013



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