Growing up

Story of my Life*


At 9, 10, 11

A child I was

A quick comb of the hair

Pomade on my face

Then of to school I run!

At closing of school

I would practice Kung- fu

And beat up any boy

Who dares bully a girl!

At 12, 13, 14

The curving figure of a teenage


Oh but I hated school! I hated


Yet books were my best- friend

For I could not afford to be

The dumb one

In the mean time

My growing hormones found ecstasy

In writing novels of romance…

I was seen as a bad girl

Yet not even a kiss…

Had my virgin lips known

At 15, 16, 17

A growing woman I became

I kissed


And waltzed in the arms of

A charming man

And oh it felt so heavenly!

I brought in a little of my

Kung- fu

…Practiced a little of

My romance novels


Made up

Broke a guy’s heart and

Had mine broken

And oh it could make

A whole novel!

18, 19, 20

Then I met an Amazing Man

He told me he had always

Known me

He had eyes like fire

A voice like trimming waters

And healing in His wings

He swept me of my feet

Though I struggled to trust Him

I squirmed in His arms

For I feared I would fall

Self- dependent was i

And none did I trust

I hurt Him so many times

For I was accustomed to my ways

And so it was; 2 captains

On a ship

And thus was my youth

Now 21, future and future

I have learnt to love Him

To trust Him

To soar with Him into hidden


With each step, each day

He moulds me

Into a glorious vessel, a better


A woman beautiful inside and out

A woman able to glorify Him

Now clothed in His glory

The white sheets of a virgin

I danced in His arms

I rest my head on His chest

I feel His heartbeat

I drink from the cup in his


….It’s bitter…..yet sweet….

In His peace I melt- it’s


I don’t ever want to


For He’a a God who knows me

By name

An infinite God who gives

All of Himself to me!

As if there were no others!




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