Beautiful Love*

Love Blossoms

I was wrong 

Love is beautiful


It’s just so difficult to achieve


Tend to


But when you get there

It’s the most beautiful sunset ever!

When you get there

Your smile will stretch unending

You would have found in him

Or her

A friend who sticks closer than

A brother

Those painful

Necessary moments

When he had to hurt you

To make you better

And you had to hurt him

To make him better

Will now all be worth it

Coz love really is pain

Blissful only to the receiver

And that’s why there is nothing

Better than…

To love and be

Loved in return.

Coz when the lovers both

Love unselfishly…unconditionally

Then LoVe will be going

All angles

Equity of the pain…and unmeasurable joy

Then you’ll know the fullness of love!


When I got to the end of watching the series ‘Nikita’…then I knew the fullness of love. And I was amazed! Used to think love was only pain.


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