The Ex; by me



After two years of been around


You saw


And your heart told you

This was her

And you believed it

Against all odds

You had an image of me

Already painted on the billboard

Of your mind

The woman of your dreams

And you boldly walked into my life

Believing Cupid had your back

And I was fascinated

By this nerd who thought he

Had the key to my heart

And watched you begin

Begin to skirt around my heart

Searching for the lock

You walked around my hours

And days

You began to know me

For me

And I watched with keen eyes

And amusement as I saw you

Reconcile the me

With the woman in your dreams

For she wasn’t me

I was all contradictions

A sweet smile and a

Selfish heart

A naughty twisted mind preaching

God to you daily

A warm heart unwilling to do any


Indeed the woman in your dreams…

But with shocking flaws

But more shocking was

Your resolve to make me her

And so you bought me books

And mentored

You were my therapist

You were my chef

We walked to the market

And before I knew it

We were salsa dancing and cooking

I was writing and giving speeches

I was doing me but sharing

And then

I shared my heart with you

You did it

You pursued

And had me

The woman of your dreams





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