Daddy God

Goodnight once againĀ 

I cant believe I got comfortable
With going to bed without even
Saying goodnight 

I spontaneously did so today
And in between the words
Memories swept in
And heady nostalgia brought back
The beauty of sharing a day’s events
With you…
Where I went wrong…
….Didn’t  listen to your prompting
       What I enjoyed the most
 and what I didn’t understand
About life…..

I forgot how uplifted my soul
Feels when you whisper back
To me and leave me with sweet words
Even as I close my eyes

But now to text my boyfriend goodnight
Is rather the must-do
When the eyes and body are
Too tired for an evening conversation

But I was yours before i was his
And you loved me before I loved
You and you chose him
For crying out loud!

Oh man…woman…..
How foolish can thou be
Forgive me Lord
And grace me to straighten my
Path once again

You are sweet
And beautiful Holy Spirit
And you always leave me mystified
Touch me with your hands
Once Again….
And read one last poem to me
Before you leave
Or rather
Before i close my human- eyes
And think you’re gone. 

Goodnight once again
My first love.