My Equilibrium

My heart has found its feet again
Gravity’s pull has overridden
The temporal abnormality of
My heart’s dispensation
I am back to equilibrium!

I’ve never walked the
Territory of
‘All things not been equal’
I’ve never known the
Absence of your love
The fear of a life without you
The terror of saying goodbye

But now my eyes have seen it
My heart has been gripped by
Its terror and now I know
You are my equilibrium!

I will love you with all
My heart
As long as life gives me
The chance
And I will build our love with
My hands and heart
And never take it for granted

And bless God each day
For the opportunity to have
You by me
And if we face yet another mountain
I will brace it with the resolve
To hold on to the hem of
Your trouser no matter what

And I will never give in to
The option of a life without you
For we are one
And stronger together
Life without you is icy ā„ļø
Never let me go my love