Even as we plan and work
Towards settling
Even as we await grace’s one
Act of miracle
That will go beyond what our
Strengths can do and catapult
Us to the place where I’ll find myself
Vowing to love and submit to you

This journey with you
Called courting
Is doing things to me that
Marvels my mind and amazes
My heart
Emotionally pruning and fine tuning
The thoughts of my heart
And the actions of one who
Claims she’s in love….
It’s taking away my personal space
And grafting your soul to mine
Zapping out every breath of selfishness
Left in this feminine soul
Introducing me to principles
I’d have to marry
A chance to try them on like
New heels and practice walking
In them till I can flair like a model

Its giving me a peek
Into a life that demands strength of
Character and
The courage to submit and put away
That part of me that knows not
How to be gentle
And the grace to care for a masculine
Heart and little hands 

And so when with class and glorious
Beauty I finally stand before the altar
To say I do
It will be with a mind and resolute
Heart that’s knows very well
What it means to sow my future
To the hem of your trouser.

Natasha- City
Jan 17