Beautiful Love*



Serious and coy

Flirty and motherly

A man’s mind, a woman’s arms

Her delicate palms, her strong heart

She’s the woman who’s got my heart

With a cute tie on curvy hips

I watch her walk out of her office

Those long slender legs

Slid into my car and said ‘drive’

Her analytical brains

Prepared my financial budget

Able hands built our home

Soft lips

Eased tension from a life time of

Tensed muscles

Her softness

Cushioned my hardness

She changed my world

Sunlight in a dense forest

Rain on patched desert

She brought meaning to my life

Strict yet tender

Strong yet vulnerable

This is the woman I’m

In love with

And will forever be

We were meant to be.



What do men look for in a woman?……