Daddy God

Logic and Wisdom



We are human….He created us..and gave us brains. And so we have logic. And the words that proceed from the mouth of the Ancient of Days….is Wisdom. Every single word that escapes his lips…is Wisdom.

Having been on earth our logic is moulded and formed by the ways of the earth.
When one becomes born again….there is therefore the need for a renewing of the mind…that you may see as The Ancient of Days sees. Coz believe you me as far as the north is from the south so are His ways different from yours and so are his thoughts different and higherĀ  than yours. They will at times be in tandem with your inherent logic….and they will at times confound you! Imagine the blind man standing still so Jesus could mix his saliva with mud and rub it on his eyes! Imagine Hosea having to marry a prostitute and forgive her over and over again! Imagine a King having suffered of leprosy for so long; having tried every possible expensive treatment and only to be told to go wash in a river! Imagine a widow giving her last flour to a man of God when he could have fed it to her little boy and herself! What effect and impact does a man dying on a cross have on human beings?!!!!– You would wonder?
Until the Holy Spirit begins to illuminate your mind….and enlighten the eyes of your heart… the words of the Holy Book… will just be a story book to you. And when he does your eyes shall marvel with awe… will begin to hear Him speak to you……in your dreams…in thoughts that drop out of nowhere when praying….the stranger that sits by you in a vehicle and gives you an answer to a request you made in the confines of your home….and you will see and shout “HE’S ALIVE!!!!!! HE LIVES!!!!! GOD IS REAL!!!!!!!!!………”
And they that will tell you there is no God…..Christianity is just religion….man seeking comfort in a god…….would have come a second too late.
And now your logic (built by days of living on earth) will begin to conform with His words as you read His Book and commune with Him daily. You will still have logic (like the words of Duncan Williams that say women outnumber men so be smart) but your logic will begin to conform with His thoughts on You and the world He made. You will still have logic because you will still have brains. But the difference between you and unbeliever will be that your logic will be saturated in Him. So you will see as He sees…..and thus walk as He walks. When he was on earth he said, “I do nothing on my own…but only do as I see the Father do”. You will still have logic….but above all you will have Wisdom…for the testimony of God maketh the simple wise (Ps 19:7). And wisdom is the principal thing so seek wisdom. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight and understanding (Prvs 9).

Sep., 2015