Painful Love

Flame 🔥 up my Passion

Sometimes I want to model into
Our bedroom with eroticism and eyes that say
I wanna drink you in tonight
But then I see your distant face
And let go of my naughty thoughts
When previously I wouldn’t

Maybe it’s a phase of relationship..
We’re less drunk with love
More sleepy or bored with familiarity

But babe
I’ve tasted novelty before
In the arms of another
And I did but did not like it
For I found that the large
Percentage of the world is willing
To offer to a desiring soul wild romance
And adventure
But one out of a million will offer
You a love that’s true and faithful
To the very end
I came to find that
You’re one in a million

If it’s a phase I will allow it
And learn the wisdom it
Brings with it
And when observation and
Hypothesis- testing is done
I’ll gather my wits and
Lit up the flame 🔥 of passion
You have buried under all the
Mundane and remind you
That you married me for a reason…………….
Natasha- City.


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