Painful Love

Break Up

Only emotions can describe it

Only the heart of true lovers

Can know its true fear

It’s true pain

It’s true terror

Don’t tell me you understand

When you’ve not spent a night

Rolling under the sheets seeking

The face of sleep that is determined

To allude your pain stricken soul

Till dawn breaks

Over your sighing heart

Don’t tell me you understand

The fear in the heart of a man

– paralyzed

That predisposes him to driving

Mad at midnight

In a miserable t- shift worn inside out

The fear

That predisposes him to farting

Unconsciously in front of his lady

Yet to be ex

– His brain cells interpret the action

As the least important thing

In the world

The fear

That predisposes him to kneeling

On a rocky ground oblivious and

Stoic to any pain but that of the heart

Rapturing at the prospect of a breakup

In the face of this

Day still breaks

And life goes on

Without our permission

The world’s duty calls…

And we must respond

Howbeit with lifeless eyes

For the world is now devoid

Of joy In her eyes

And life suddenly has no

Meaning in his eyes….

If only all could be untrue

So our hearts could

Be blinded to the events of pain

And we could love against the pain

Kiss against the Hurt

And choose to stay inspite

Of the odds

Forgive me…

If I can’t….

It’s over….

It’s definitely over.

                    – that was how sure I was

In memorial to a breakup that almost occurred.


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