Beautiful Love*

On this day I Vow…..


I remember….

The first time I saw you

All you have always been

To which I’ve been blind to

That father saw….but I couldn’t see

A man of wisdom

A man with a soft heart

You wear perseverance

Like a tailor’s suit…..

You’re the emblem of patience

How sweet it is to know….

That I am with someone who came For me even when

He couldn’t yet see beauty….

But saw only my future….

Someone who will still find me Beautiful with stretch marks even as we age

The spirit that you bring

Refused to be quenched by my

Silly self and Childish attitudes

Staring at your soul…and beautiful


That gives its all and calls me

Family; though i’m not blood.

There is where I fell in love

I fell!

I’m consumed!

I’m overwhelmed!

Did you know that I’m

crazy- overwhelmed!

I vow in marriage

That at times I’ll fail you

I vow

That at times I will fall short

But in failures and shortcomings

I won’t tap out

I won’t give up

To you and only you

Today I commit

To you and only you

I submit

I’ve learnt that he loved me

Enough to give me you

Even when I couldn’t see you

So I’m willing to stay strong

To the very end.


                            Natasha- City

                           -Courtesy Janette Ikz

You inspire me Janette.


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