Naughty Love

Virgin Night 



Hearts soaring on a thrill of a vacation
Never experienced
Uncertainties await two lovers
But in the face of uncertainties
There is no room for
Worry for
Freedom is bliss

Now at hindsight
I know not which is more beautiful

Our spooning nights
Your slow breath against my skin
Your hairy arms wrapped around
My tummy
Our legs entangled with the foreign
Feel of your naked
Masculine thighs on mine

The art of my feminine figure
In your masculine shirt
Tiptoeing about the room
To the revel of your hungry eyes

My soft heart did leap
When I beheld a man wrapped in
White Towel
Emerging from the bathroom
In hairy endowment as of a teen wolf

But my memory can
Never paint well nor do justice to
The glory of the moment
When I felt like a woman
In the arms of a strong black man

Oh he was black
And strong
And I had never known wetness
Till my legs shook with Prolonged- delayed
And my body begged your very entrance
Though my lips chose not to employ

And the escapes of my lips’ groans
Underestimated the experience of
You taking me!
Unbearable pleasure
Painful pleasure
Pain in pleasure
Was all my body did know
Till it was over
And you lay on me
Like a baby
It was the night of 5th July 2015

                             6th July 2015
                              Natasha- City

The first times’ of everything is always a moment to cherish forever for there is never going to be anything like the first time! The first kiss…the first touch…the first time his hand touched your cheeks….the first dance..the first time you walked hand in hand…………….the first night together!

Mum and dad will say it was on their wedding night but we all know that isn’t true 🙈☺️

Every emotion is heightened and there are butterflies in the tummy no matter how mature you act! Seeing her in a bathrobe is a thrill! Seeing him with a towel wrapped around his waist is a thrill! And when sweet oh night finally arrives and you feel his arms going around your tummy…hairy legs wrapping around your legs and his hardness pressed against your bum you will have to shut your eyes and suppress the youthful giggle and pray you get to still keep your virginity.☺️

But from the above……you know I wasn’t able to keep mine….😊🙈



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