Marriage Nights 

At night

When the moon enhances your face

Through translucent window panes

And you cradle me in your arms

Against your chest

I thank God a billion times

In the silence of my heart

That he gave me you

And when the camera rolls

And I move against your body

Your heat spiraling mine

Fragile nighties prove their


My husband becomes my pride

And I feel sorry for single women

And after firelights have exploded

In warmth and twenty-four-hr viruses

Tongue; hair and mingled breath

You snuggle me again

In the crook of your arm

Our nakedness beneath the white sheet

With no warmth than that of our

Naked legs sprawled over each


And the gentle snore of our breathing

Ends the show for tonight.


                               Natasha Asare

After 10 years of marriage will you still cherish nights like these? 


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