Daddy God



In the blurry nature of this
Journey called life
You walk with me
And I can barely see you

I feel you

Your eyes on me
Hands in mine
Your love warms my heart
Till I can love…
A little like you
And I can trust….
Without borders

Still life will sting
And birth new tears in
My eyes….
But still your joy will not
A source of strength sustaining
To the very end of age
When my eyes shall finally see you

To me being a Christian does not mean you have been assured total bliss and happiness on this earth. Why? Because we live in a fallen world and the prince of the earth is with us. In addition man has free will.

Even as Christians we sometimes step out of the will of God for our lives. So count the number of Christians walking out of God’s will (or prompting) and add that to the number of unbelievers walking outside his will; the sum of the two is Chaos.

So that child who was kidnapped and brutally murdered by a serial killer was not God’s will; it began with a human will- a father who brought up his son in a cruel manner who grew up psychologically disturbed. We are not Robots- Father cannot manipulate our will.

This is why we have weapons of warfare; and spiritual gifts. A word of knowledge can go a long way to prevent a disaster ahead; so can praying in the language of the spirit etc. These gifts were given to us to be used here on earth for this very purpose- but still not all sorrow can be avoided.

But we have a hope beyond this world and we look forward to the world beyond. And we know that no matter what sorrow shall touch us all things are working together for our good; what the enemy planned, he will turn for our good.

In this world you will have tribulations but be of good cheers,  I have overcome- Jn 16:33.



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