Daddy God

Pampered Royal 


I was born with your golden spoon
In my mouth
I was born with your love
Grew up in the warmth of
Your sunshine
Basking in your love even as a child
I didn’t know you
No one needs to show a child

And every time I would ask
You would supply
And would speak when you couldn’t

Even if you were silent
For a season
You awed me with your wonder
In hindsight

But you’ve been silent for long
And it seems you’ve failed me
All is crashing down around me
I thought you were leading me!!!!
So why is all crashing down?!!
And why can’t I see your saving hand!!!!

I don’t know how to do anything
With my hands
I don’t know how to start working
On my own
Building without you
Walking without faith
Investing with my human strength
All I know how to do is to trust you!
I’m not used to manual labor
I’m used to resting in your arms
Walking like a princess
Confidence deeply rooted in my papa!

Now must I live like a pauper?
Planting and watching over my shoulder?!
Trust with borders?!

I can’t Lord!
Too pampered to begin such a life!
Not when I’ve known your rest
And love!
I’m Royalty!

Speak my Lord!
Speak to me!
Break the silence!
Slice it in two!
Treat me like Job no longer!
Let me not break!
I can’t imagine a life without your love!
I was created to be loved
By you!
And my spirit knowth it well.

Gal 4…..”Now I say that the heir, as long as he is a child, does not differ at all from a slave, though he is master of all, but is under guardians and stewards until the time appointed by the father…….
Therefore you are no longer a slave but a son, and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ”

From childhood I have lived with this knowledge….that I am an heir of Christ…a peculiar one….I am Royalty! And that whiles people are running this journey (a race), I am running with God (Grace).

And so though I work hard and plan my life I always do it with the knowledge that he is in control and what my human strength can accomplish- his grace can make me accomplish a hundredfold!

And then I get to a point in my life where all seems to be fail me….and it seems I have no one in the world and I’m crushing……it seems I’m going to loose all that I ever held dear……..and still God is no where on the scene.

Then they tell me….don’t put your trust in a God…….depend on your own strength and focus on your goals.

But how does a Royal begin to live like a Pauper. I have always known that in the midst of all his awesome creation and the universe I am the CENTER of focus (man) and to live as if I wasn’t loved would be the greatest error! To live as if I was not Royalty would be the greatest error!

And this isn’t a God I have known by theory but by experience! I refuse to give up! They that wait upon The Lord shall mount up with wings like eagles! I will not give up!

When you come across huddles in life God says guard your heart- take every thought captive! Refuse to settle beneath your promise! For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal- 1st Cor 10:4. Speak what you believe and let God’s word take authority over your situation!



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