Our Infinity



In this little space of time……I’ve loved you …
And been loved by you
There are infinite numbers b/n zero and one
There is .1, .12, .13etc
Of coz there is a bigger collection of nos b/n zero and two
or b/n zero and a million

The days we spent……
In each second my heart soared by you
Each minute I spent holding your hand
Fighting with you
Loving you
Arguing over books and lunch
Ernest my love
I cannot tell you how thankful I am
For our little infinity
You gave me forever
In a short space of time
And for that I am eternally grateful
I love you so much

I know unlike the “Fault in our stars”
None of us saw death
And you did not want this
But for me
You were a delight I was not supposed to enjoy
A delicacy that wasn’t mine to have

That I had you
For the short time…
…That you gave me forever and
Showed me a love so beautiful,
Stubborn..and awesome
Is the biggest miracle these
Eyes of mine
This heart of mine ever saw
Ever felt
And might never feel..and see again

I know
You’re in another’s arms right now
And I too
But our infinity will
Forever by eulogized
In my heart
And poems
And novel….
And I will move on in life
With a bold smile
Knowing I was loved by you.

So deeply
And so intense
And that’s more than most
People get
I love you
I love you….God I’m
So lucky to have loved you
Love hurts…
I know
Hazel Grace knows…

You don’t get to choose if you get
Hurt in this world but you do
Have a say in who hurts you
I like my choice
I chose you…..
For the brief infinity of my life

Some infinities are simply bigger than others…..
So I thank God for my infinity
With you

– The Fault in our Stars


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