Daddy God

The Sufferings of the Christ




My Lord and my God! Forgive me! I’m sorry. I always thought that because you were God…some way some how you managed to feel no pain…or at least quench it in a way. I just realized that you were human like me…there was no difference between my body and yours. Your bones were so out of joint you looked down and felt you could count them (Ps 22:17)….fear gripped you and you wished you didn’t have to go through this…for you were human after all (although you were one with God). You felt shame…hanging on the cross naked with no clothing to cover your vital assets (Ps 22:18)… were so thirsty your tongue cleaved to your jaw (Ps 22:15). Oh your heart was in so much anguish it melted into your bowels! (Ps 22:14)- and like any human being you wanted it to all end (Ps 22:21). You did your part…so I could now approach the throne of Grace with confidence knowing I am Righteous (Isa 55:11).


And yet here I am…lackadaisical…living my days without you and watching time pass by. You did your part with determined focus and commitment. You said, “the night cometh when no man can work’. And when you were done you declared, “it is finished”- Ps 22:31. And what amazes me is David saw it generations before you said it!

You said, “Posterity shall serve Him and shall tell of The Lord to the next generation. They shall come to declare His righteousness to a people yet to be born- that he has done it! (Ps 22:30). What have I done about this great commission you bestowed upon me. Oh wretched man that I am, grant me grace to sit up and work while it is day for the night comes when no man can work.

“And believe it or not you are spirit…and this world shall pass away…so quit being lackadaisical”.

Oct., 2015



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