The Ex; by me

Masculine Perfection




Your features

Are that of a person who

Can never relax…

You were born to fight


Fight for your life

Fight for your country

Fight for me


Your mind

It carries the wisdom of an

Ancient man

It carries the passion of an

Ancient heart

And all the wealth of love you could

Ever shower on a woman

I was once that woman…


But i could never tend those

Muscles well enough

Could never relax your heart

Long enough

Before you sprang back to thinking

And pondering

And brainstorming

How you can help the needy

The youth

Your beloved nation


You are carved in every

Masculine way

That delights my seadipus eyes

Muscles bundled in softness

Oh that heart that loved me!

Adored me

Worshipped me

That heart that gave a bit if itself

To strangers in need

Till it had nothing left but

Blooded tatters


I know you still love me

From a distance

As I….you

My assiduous leader

2nd Kwame Nkrumah

I’ll miss you forever

An infinite eulogy on the billboard

Of my mind.

July 2015.







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