I’m falling into you




A boy within…

A man outward…

Fragile beneath…

Strong outward…

Soft within…

Tough outward…

…And I touched that soul within


That soul that loves me so

It’s icy lips have I felt

It’s unseeable image have I seen

Within the depths of your

Pleading eyes

And I shudder that I touched it


For now I have come to love it…

Against all warning signs!

And in the serenity of my moments

Have I longed for it

When all becomes still


And now I weigh the warnings and

The yearnings…

That which is written and my

Emerging desires…

His will and my growing desire…


Would you be an instrument in the

Hands of the foe…

A blessing in one way…a curse

In the latter part…

We cannot see as far as

Father can see…

We do not know how wrong the

Future would go if we end up together


And with my little knowledge;

Best friends last longer than lovers…


…So am left thinking to myself..

He knocked and asked if he could

Join me in my thoughts…

I resisted him…

He raised his hands and saith…

“Come now and let us reason together”

At the end of the dialogue

His perfect will was obvious;

We were meant to be only friends

And it was for our own good

And the sake of our calling.




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