The Ex; by me





You gave me everything I had ever

Dreamt of

You made my wishes come true

The unrealistic wishes of a silly

Adventurous lass


Ending a fight in a passionate kiss

With you it came true

Walking by the sea at night

With you it came real


Having a poem fight in our anger

With you it came true

Pillow fighting till we lost our breath

With you it came real


Looking at me like I was his world

With you it came true

Kissing the back of my hand

A beautiful gesture

With you it came real


Seeing the tears of a man for the first


With you it came true

Having a man cherish the very ground

I stepped on

With you it came real


You loved me before you knew me

Never thought that was possible

You loved me against reason, against

Peace, against hope

Thought your love was strange


You nursed my wounds in oblivion

To yours


You kissed my feet and loved me

Above God



In your arms I felt safe

Yet empowered to take on the world

You grew my esteem till I became

The woman I am


You leaned on me and wept in

Your exhaustion of life’s battles

You shared your dreams and hopes


I fell in love for the first time


In the intensity of your kisses

I was lost in another world

In the safety of your arms I

Escaped the fears of my childhood


We danced in the moonlight and

Made love with our minds each day

In you was what I dreamed

And yearned

And wished

And still crave for


I love you


I have never loved a man so

But with you life is a sea

My heart dancing- My heart aches


For you strike my Achilles heel

In your arms am I most vulnerable

But we are never so defenseless

Against suffering

As when in love.




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