Beautiful Love*





I woke up with you

In mind today

Even as my eyes adjusted

To mundane familiarity

My lips were already smiling

At your dissipating name



In my sleeves and suit

Strutting to work

I whisper my prayers to God

And never forget to remind Him

To bless you and bless you indeed



In the rushing hours of the day

Among paper work and

Aching muscles

A stern Boss

And irritating customers

I creep into the ******* room

Just to reach you



And even when the day

Has beaten me out and

My mind is worn out

Getting a vehicle is a combat


I want to communicate with


Tell me


Am I crazy

Or just silly

Am I addicted

Or desperately in love


Cause all I can think of is

The weekend’s arrival

When I would forgo my laundry


With the opportunity costs of

Dishes unprepared and pending

Clean ups

Just to be with you!


To see you smile like a baby

Hold me like a man

Share your humdrum life with me

And love me with all you’ve got!



Am I crazy or

In love

Coz I don’t know😊


Natasha- City


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