Beautiful Love*

To look at a man is to look at you





You’re all I see

Wisdom in words


Each day

Down my oblongata

Strength in decisions made

And swiftly carried out

Walking the talk

Proactive is your personality


Exuding confidence

Magnetizing women

To have your baby at least

They wouldn’t mind


Gallant are your ways

21st century man

I can’t take my eyes of you


But your words to me

Bring back the romance of

MacBeth’s era

And your sweet gestures

I see a woman’s heart embedded

In yours


You love me

Like a real man

Sweetness dipped in sternness

Correcting me when you should

Loving me when I least expect


Passionate in your ways

Your kisses always leave a mark

Thoughtful in your gestures

My heart is amazed

You are a delight my love!

And you’re all I see


To look at a man

Is to look at you.

Good morning my love.



Natasha H-City


Tell him that the sun and moon rise in his eyes……………………😊….I just did that this morning.😊



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