Naughty House Wife





Come home to me

In the bedroom

They’re neatly washed and ironed

Your shirts

And our bed sheet freshly laid

And I’ll be your lover…

Fulfilling all your wild fantasies


Come home to me

In the kitchen

Your favorite meals are gently

Steaming and you can smell it

Even before you remove your tie

In the doorway

And I’ll be your Queen…reaching

Your heart through your belly


Stay home with me

In the garden where

I write poems of you and your

Smile…your manly strength

With which you take me every night

Making me a woman every twilight

Baby I’ll be your mother

Will lay your head on my lap next to

My bosom and read you the

Poems I’ve written of you among

The roses and sunflowers


Tarry a while before you go to work

And maybe we could make delicious


One more time

In the pool…

Wet and moist

And i promise I’ll fix your tie

Before you go to work

And your boss wouldn’t know

Your wife is crazy

Cracy in love with you.



Natasha Asare










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