The Ex; by me

Holding on to a Shooting StaršŸ’«

I’ve spent so much time and energy

Holding on to you

Building my world around you

My repeated song to my girlfriends

Every bridge was solid on your


Every cross road dependent on words

Spoken on your laps

My life was hemmed with your life

Skirted with your energies

Which fueled me indirectly

Through echoes of your spoken


I walked in your shadow

Till I realized

You were a facade


You never were


We never travelled the journey of

A relationship

Not that a relationship’s term is

Marked by a duration


Neither by how often we smiled

To each other

Or how many pillow fights we had

Or how many elegant dinners we had

But by

The days we went at length to clarify


Your misgivings and mine

The nights we spoke about nothing

and everything

The days you saw me without


The moments you farted in my


Then we could

…Can say

We were

We lived

You were mine and

I was yours

You knew me

And I you


So real talk-

I didn’t know you

For we were months and smile old

Dining’s and giggling young

Early kisses on a Sweet November

A first love’s touch

First contact with romance

But I never knew you

Because we were over before

I blinked


And yet I’ve spent my energies

And time

Holding on to your memories

Something that never was real




4 thoughts on “Holding on to a Shooting StaršŸ’«

  1. ^^^^ that was the line that got me too. “For we were months and a smile old.” … Raw expressions and the realization that Poe was correct. “All that we see or seem is just a dream within a dream.”

    Liked by 1 person

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