fearful love

When Discontentment gets Too loud


They say our mind plays games

It likes to focus on what’s missing

And not what is great

And so I muted my uneasiness

My displeasure

And discontentment

I let it slide

The little things I expected of you

A day’s call

Even if to talk about everything and


The missed calls


A text message

Even if to ask how I was

An effort made to see me

On a Friday night after work

Its also true

That caged silence sparks

Up a mighty flame

And feelings unspoken

Do more harm when spoken

After a decade

For when discontentment whispers

By mistake

It causes an earthquake of colossal


I’m sorry my discontentment

Grew darker

And loud

It wasn’t supposed to whisper

Rear it’s ugly head

It did without my permission

And now that it has


The ball is in your court

Pursue me

And convince me of

Why you deserve another chance

Before it’s too late

My darling dear


Natasha- City


9 thoughts on “When Discontentment gets Too loud

  1. You are gifted dear sister, this is an amazing poem…written so soulfully from your heart. If one truly loves you, he surely would answer the words with flowers and constant visits to soak in the radiance of your heart! You are indeed a very good poet, God bless and have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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  2. Randstein says:

    Your poetry speaks of a romantic and adventurous heart. “When discontentment gets too loud” is like an unrequited love. I feel the longing for a return of feelings and emotion from another and the silence turning to resentment or anger. Painful as it is, the romantic heart seeks to love and be loved. It can be powerful at times.

    Liked by 1 person

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