fearful love

❤️ Titanic Love💔


Swinging on the wings of your love

As unsafe as Thor’s rainbow bridge

Would rather stay in my safe haven

Where I’m stable

Never falling in love

Stuck in rush hour

Going to work and

Coming home

At least it’s safe

Home has mum

Home has lil sis

It doesn’t have you

Cooking and salsa dancing

Making me giggle and tickle within

Smearing butter on my nose

Making me a girl again

Loving me with your eyes

Like I’m the only girl existing

Helping me unbraid my hair

Your love overwhelms me

Yet I’m afraid

Of love’s hurt

And Adele’s tears

Not that you’re wicked

But that you’re human

And I’m human

And I’m not perfect

And you’re not perfect

So you’ll hurt me

I’m afraid

Of love’s ramifications

Of the complications of building a

Household together

Of the process of growing naked

Before you

Till you can see through me

And know my flaws and weaknesses

If only love was a white collar job

That won’t require my heart’s strain

If only love was a bank account

With more credit than debit

But in marriage does Jesus’ 7 times

77 forgiveness come to play

And if his heart melted

Into his bowels on the cross

Mine would explode

On the cross of marriage

I love you

But I’m afraid

Shooting stars are beautiful

They create pretty memories

For pink diaries


But great old stars shine forever

Would rather we were the latter

And so

Can we recycle our love

For years of decades

Credit and debit our

Love’s bank account

And still find ourselves

At the end of the day

To know all my flaws and


And still find my nudity completely


To know that in this life I was




And loved by you

As silly as I am

Can that really happen


If it can then I’m in

Coz I love you!

I do!

Let’s do it!




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