Please Call Me


There is this void

That is created in your heart

An empty hallow

No one can fill

Except him

Except his voice

No other lad

No matter how many friends with benefits

You have

No matter how many suitors desire

For your voice

No matter the constant phone calls

Only his matters

Your heart calls for only him

And if he doesn’t call

And you are so damn broke; you can’t

Afford airtime to call…

You will find a way out

Before this emptiness eats you out

I guess that’s what it means

To be in love

Never thought I was in love

Still don’t think I am

I just know I….

Feel weak

A weakness that calls for his

Annoying voice

Silly jokes

Silly songs

Familiarity wrapping around you

And letting you know you

Have someone you can call

Your own

Only yours

Then you can finally go to sleep

With a smile on your face

Knowing you are loved

Even if it’s not the way you want it

At least you have a partner


Natasha- City


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