The Ex; by him

Flirting with yor mind….😉


I have this intense sensation to flirt,

Through the wild street of your mind.

But then I have to use the zebra crossing (lol)

For vehicles with empty hemispheres


The wheel might be on the road.

When I

Reach the junction,

That leads to your imagination,

I would drop my armour of caution,

And champion the cause of a noble


I would be in the frontline,

Naked of superiority, of abuse, of



When you open your window,

You won’t catch me pants down (lol)

By then I would be clothed with love,


Unity, honesty and trust. Dust,

May stain and dirt my clothe,

And make me look so ugly,

Making my hair too,

Look so messy

I can’t figure you making an SOS call

At one

Com centre

Cos you rarely do that.

I see you resplendent,

Beaming with a smile of confidence,

After brushing (past ten) with



Coming out

With a bowl of water,

Swimming in it a big bar of Keysoap,

Which would give me hope,

And effrontery,

To say ‘It’s not my fault’.

To which you would give me a


Endless stare,

Respond ‘UR FACE’

……..nyt nyt Baby Yaa

Dec., 2012


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