The Ex; by me

My Enigmađź’‹


How do I love thee

Let me count the ways

My Enigma

Why do I love thee

Let me think the reasons

My Enigma

Lay thy head upon my tender


For I know I have caused thee much


But pain and joy have always been our

Music’s rhythm

It’s the soul and style of ‘our love’

And that’s why you remain my Enigma

For I never can understand why I love

Thee so

In the dullest of our days have I wished

That you would disappear and leave…

Leave behind only, “thy soul sweeping


And oh, thy delicious tempting lips

Lest I forget, don’t take away thy

“Consistent words that empower me to be

The woman that I am”….

And leave me with thy “enveloping manly

Scent”……….that I may breath in you

When ever I desire……….

In the end

The truth stares me in the face…

I cannot live without my Enigma

So grow old along with me!

As we experience the tros of life

As the knowing of our souls penetrate

To deeper and deeper levels each season

Of our delicious lifes!

If loving him is pain

Then shall we join ‘Romeo and Juliet’

For I come to find that Alas;

We are never so defenseless against


As when I love.




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